Explore Your Options for Bell Receivers for Satellite Services

Bell receivers give you the ability to convert signals sent by your satellite service provider to a television. These devices make it possible to maximize your viewing enjoyment. You will find a wide range of affordable Bell satellite receiver models on eBay for this purpose.

What are the functions of a Bell receiver?

A Bell satellite receiver has four main functions:

  • De-scrambles encrypted signals: The receiver is equipped with a decoder chip specific to your cable satellite programming package. This chip makes it possible to receive satellite signals from your cable service provider and de-scrambles these codes.
  • Converts digital MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals into analog format: By making this conversion, your television is able to recognize the signals that are being sent so that you can watch your television programs.
  • Extracts individuals channels from larger satellite signals: It also extracts the signal for a specific channel to the television you have the receiver connected to.
  • Tracks pay-per-view programming and sends information for billing purposes: With the ability to track additional pay-per programming for billing purposes, your satellite service provider can offer these extended viewing opportunities.
What is a Bell receiver with PVR?

PVR, or personal video recorder, is a function built into some Bell satellite receivers. This function gives you the ability to capture movies or television shows and record them to the receiver for the ability to watch them at a later time. You can find some Bell receivers that offer this function, or you can obtain stand-alone PVR players for your satellite service provider.

What should you look for when purchasing Bell satellite receivers?

When shopping around for Bell satellite receivers, there are some considerations you should keep in mind:

  • Number of receivers needed: You will need a different Bell satellite receiver for each television. The receiver is only able to provide one conversion for channels offered through your service provider. This makes multiple receivers necessary when multiple televisions are in use in the home.
  • Receiver capabilities: Different models of Bell receivers for your satellite service provide different capabilities. For example, some receivers give you the opportunity to utilize a PVR function for recording and playing back movies or television shows you want to watch at a later time.
  • Connection abilities: Each model of satellite receiver you find on eBay has different connections. It is important to make sure these connections can be utilized with the television you use in your home.
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