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Get a Comfortable Sleep On These Beds and Mattresses

The proper bed and mattress are vital when it comes to getting a restful night of sleep. Finding one or both that fit your needs will help you sleep easier, thus giving you more energy to face the following day in top shape. You can easily find many choices of beds and mattresses at different price points on eBay.

What types of mattresses are there?

Mattresses come in a variety of materials from brands like Sealy, Stearns, and Beautyrest. Knowing some of the common types and how they might be utilized can help you choose a mattress that works for you.

  • Memory foam mattress - This provides great lumbar support and comfort, particularly if you tend to sleep on your side rather than your back. This is because the memory foam gives your shoulders and hips the support they need when you're in this position. Memory foam mattresses are good at contouring to your body and resist sagging in the middle. Many affordable options can easily be located on eBay.
  • Topper or pillow-top mattresses - These are named so because they essentially add another layer on top of your existing mattress rather than being a full mattress for your bed. Pillow-top bedding is plush, adding a lot of cushioning and support for a more restful night of sleep. You may sink into the top layer, but this is normal and allows your back to get into a more comfortable alignment. These toppers merge particularly well with innerspring or coil mattresses.
  • Latex mattresses - These are similar to memory foam, but they use latex foam instead, which can be as plush or firm as you need. The foam can accommodate a variety of sleeping styles and positions, without springs or coils sticking you.
  • Adjustable base mattresses - These help you elevate different parts of your body and provides you with more support in specific areas. For example, if you have sleep-related back pain, you can target the back with adjustable support.
Factors to consider when choosing a mattress
  • Support - Support is your first major consideration. You want to look for a mattress that is plush or firm enough to provide just the right amount of support and cushioning your body needs for a good night of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Sharing a bed - If you share a bed with a partner, you'll also want to minimize motion transfer for each other so that you both remain asleep when one of you needs to change positions.
  • Temperature - A product that is properly ventilated will keep you from getting too hot at night. Memory foam and other materials can mitigate heat retention.
How long does a mattress last?

Typically, a mattress lasts for several years before it needs to be replaced. The life expectancy depends on the type of material used to make it. Mattresses can last from 7-10 years or longer depending on the amount of use it receives and how well you clean and take care of it.

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