What You Need to Know About Beats Solo Parts

Beats Electronics produces a wide range of audio products, such as headphones and speakers. When looking for replacement parts for your beats headphones, there are different types of parts to choose from. Here is some information to consider when selecting Beats Solo parts from the selection available on eBay.

What types of parts are available?
  • Headband: The arch headband goes over the top of the headphones. With the headband, you can choose from a wide range of colors that match the external panels.
  • Speaker: Speakers will come in right- and left-ear versions. When selecting replacement speakers, you will want to choose between wired and wireless versions depending on the type of your headphones.
  • Ear pads: Ear pad replacements can be found in different colors and consist of a memory foam core with a leather-type covering. Ear pads generally come in pairs for the right and left ear.
  • External panels: The outside panels consist of the parts that cover the speakers. When selecting external panels, you can select one that matches your headband.
  • Battery: Wireless versions of the Beats Solo have a built-in battery that can be replaced. These batteries consist of a 3.7V battery that has a 350mAh capacity and a control board that connects the battery to your headphones.
How do you select parts for your Beats Solo?
  • Review your model: The Beats Solo comes in wired and wireless models. Some of the types of the Beats Solo include the HD, 2, and 3.
  • Select an earpiece design: You can choose from ear-cup options that go over the ear and ear pad options that go on the ear.
  • Choose a brand: If you prefer OEM replacements, you can choose from those manufactured by Beats Electronics. You can also choose from unbranded options as well.
  • Choose a connector type: There are 3.5mm audio cable options along with USB connection types as well. For wireless versions, you can select from Bluetooth options.
What are some of the features available?
  • Noise cancellation: Some earpieces consist of a memory foam padding that help to block out external noises.
  • Microphone: Some headphones have the option of adding a microphone to use the headphone to make phone calls.
  • Folding: The Beats Solo has a trifold design that allows the headphones to be folded for storage.
  • Detachable cable: The Beats Solo 2 has a detachable cable that has the microphone built into the cable.
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