Beatles Memorabilia -- From the Cavern Club Through Apple to Solo Careers

The demand for Beatles collectibles covers the years spanning from their start in Liverpool as one of England's numerous skiffle groups through their solo careers. Sought-after Beatles memorabilia for sale includes not only items featuring John, Paul, George, and Ringo but also anyone and everyone associated with them. Whether you want a T-shirt or signed record, you can find a variety of affordable Beatles memorabilia on eBay.

Some of the notable names associated with the Beatles memorabilia

Beatles memorabilia isn't limited to the four group members. During your search, you might find people that seem unrelated at first glance, but are actually integral to the Beatles, including:

  • The Quarrymen (aka The Blackjacks, Johnny and the Moondogs, The Japage 3, and the Silver Beetles) -- a skiffle group founded by John Lennon and classmates Eric Griffiths, Bill Smith, and Pete Shotton that eventually evolved into the Beatles.
  • Pete Best -- the original drummer for the Beatles, who was replaced by Ringo Starr.
  • The Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool, England -- operated by Mona Best, Pete Best’s mother, in the basement of the family’s home and the site of early performances by the Quarrymen.
  • The Cavern Club, Liverpool, England – the site of early Beatles performances.
  • The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany – another site of early Beatles performances.
  • Stuart (Stu) Sutcliffe (deceased) -- the original bass guitarist for the Beatles who remained in Hamburg with his girlfriend, later fiancée, photographer Astrid Kirchherr.
  • Rory Storm and the Hurricanes – the group Ringo left when he joined the Beatles.
  • Cynthia (Cyn) Powell Lennon Twist (deceased) -- John Lennon's first wife, mother of Julian.
  • Mary (Maureen, Mo) Cox Starkey Tigret (deceased) -- Ringo Starr's first wife, mother of Ringo’s sons, Zak and Jason, and his daughter, Lee.
  • Patricia (Pattie) Anne Boyd Harrison Clapton Weston -- George Harrison's first wife.
  • Jane Asher Scarfe – former girlfriend and fiancée of Paul McCartney and younger sister of record producer Peter Asher, who was half of the duo Peter and Gordon.
Types of Beatles memorabilia

Look for ticket stubs concert programs, photographs from photo shoots, and publicity photos as well as photographs taken at performances, parties, public, and less-than-public appearances. Cynthia, Pattie, and Jane all are authors. Cynthia was an artist, poet, and designer, and Pattie was a model and photographer who continues her photography career. Cynthia and Jane started businesses, and Pattie and Jane are active in charity work. All of these pursuits provide sources for Beatles-related memorabilia.

Are there official Beatles fan club memorabilia for sale?

Beatles fan club memorabilia was only available to fan club members. Many countries had their own separate national fan clubs. There also were local fan club chapters, so some fan club memorabilia may be unique to the national fan club or local chapter. Fan club memorabilia includes magazines, newsletters, letters from the Beatles to fan club members, fan club membership cards and welcome kits, flexible vinyl 45 rpm Christmas greetings, a Christmas album that compiled all of the previous Christmas 45rpm greetings, merchandise sold exclusively to fan club members, and even envelopes and order forms for fan club merchandise.