3 Things to Know About Certified BBCOR Baseball Bats

The traditional aluminum baseball bat has changed dramatically since it first debuted on baseball diamonds. Technology has developed composite materials and aircraft-grade aluminum that produce an incredible amount of force when the bat makes contact with a baseball. You can find affordable BBCOR baseball bats that you can use for many levels of play from youth to college.

What defines a BBCOR-certified baseball bat?

BBCOR is how youth, high school, and college baseball bats are certified. It stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. The test determines how much energy force is generated when the bat makes contact with a baseball. For the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), bats cannot exceed a 0.50 core value. There are three additional requirements that all BBCOR baseball bats meet. See the manufacturer site for details.

  • Barrel diameter – The barrel portion of the bat cannot be any greater than 2 5/8-inches in diameter
  • Drop weight – The drop weight of a baseball bat is the ratio between its length and weight. Bats that are BBCOR certified have no more than a -3 drop weight.
  • Bat length – Certified BBCOR baseball bats are no longer than 36 inches.
How to choose the right BBCOR baseball bats

To make sure you get the right new or pre-owned BBCOR baseball bat in your hands, you need to keep a few characteristics in mind. Use these suggestions to help choose the right bat:

  • Choosing a length: The length of your bat isn’t always determined by how tall you are or how long your arms are. As you increase the length of the bat, you gradually decrease bat speed and control. Power hitters will lean towards longer and heavier bats, while situational hitters benefit from shorter and lighter weight bats.
  • Choosing a weight: Each bat has a drop-weight number, which is the relationship between length and weight. The higher the drop weight number, the greater the difference between those two factors. A 34-inch bat with a -10 drop weight will weigh 24 ounces. Drop weights for BBCOR baseball bats range from -3 to -15. Lower drop weights will reduce bat speed but raise the amount of force the bat exerts on the ball. Choose a bat with a drop weight that's compatible with your playing style.
How to know which bats are certified BBCOR baseball bats

Each of the official BBCOR baseball bats must have a visible seal to show official certification. The seal is a rectangle with BBCOR CERTIFIED printed inside along with the core value. Bats authenticated by USA Baseball will display its trademarked stamp as well.