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Some of us love spending time in the bathroom pampering ourselves with bubbles and skin treatments, while others are in and out in a matter of minutes. No matter which type of person you are, there are certain amenities your bathroom requires to make taking care of yourself much easier. From stylish shower curtains to toasty towels and washcloths, putting together the perfect bathroom may take work, but at the end of the day, a hot shower or bath will put the world right again.

Behind the Curtain

The first thing you notice when you walk into any bathroom is the shower curtain. A person’s shower curtain says a lot about who they are. Solid colors are clean and classic, while colorful designs make the whole room pop with personality. Select from cloth or vinyl styles, and pick a curtain that complements who you are and your specific style. Kids love character curtains, while even adults appreciate a patterned print that adds appeal, including flowers, animals, or seashells. Match the curtain colors to the mat and towels for a put-together bathroom design.

The Plush Life

Drying off means more than grabbing a thin, lifeless towel. Sinking into a soft, fluffy towel is part of the pleasure of bathing and showering. Thick, thirsty fabric combined with beautiful colors or designs makes getting dry divine. Opt for the traditionally-sized bath towels, or go luxe with large bath sheets you can wrap around your body. Hand towels hang by the sink for freshening up, while wash cloths make cleaning up quick. Choose 100 percent cotton for the most comfortable feel.

Soap Opera

Soap dishes and dispensers provide an important purpose, and impart some style, too. A soap dish is a home for a bar of soap, while dispensers allow you to pump out liquid hand or body soap. Liquid dispensers go in the shower or by the sink and come in different designs to match your décor. Automatic dispensers reduce germs by letting you soap up hands-free.

What’s in Store

If your bathroom is short on storage, add additional spots to stash supplies. Storage cabinets offer shelves and drawers for towels and sundries, while caddies fit into the corner of your shower to hold shampoo and soaps. An etagere goes over the toilet to save space while adding spots to store necessities, and linen cabinets hold towels and washcloths within arm’s reach. Hanging storage frees up floor space in small bathrooms.