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Basketball Hoop

Basketball is a beloved sport all over the US, and it's no wonder that so many people like to play as well as watch. Every town or city you visit, you can see people shooting hoops in parks, playgrounds and front yards. Basketball is a great way to keep fit and is a good all body workout while teaching hand eye coordination and teamwork. Having your very own basketball hoop in your home will help you and your family become experts in shooting goals while having fun.

Where Can I Put a Basketball Hoop?

There are a number of places that you can put a basketball hoop but it will depend on the layout of your home and garden. There should be enough space around the hoop for people to pass the ball and dribble. You will want to make sure that it's not near to any windows in case the basketball bounces off the backboard and goes flying.

  • Side of the house: If you have a side of your house that does not have any windows with space around this is a good place to put a basketball hoop.
  • Above the garage door: You can attach a hoop above your garage door as it's most likely that there are windows close by and a driveway for people to move around.
  • Freestanding in garden: A large garden is ideal for a portable basketball hoop or one that attaches to a tall pole.

What Is Included With A Basketball Hoop?

The exact basketball system you buy will determine what is included but generally, as a guide, you will get:

  • Basketball hoop: This is the circle that the ball goes through. The rim is usually made of a strong metal.
  • Basketball net: This is the mesh or material part that hangs down from the hoop for the ball to go through.
  • Backboard: This is the board that sits behind the basketball hoop. This allows the ball to bounce back to the players when trying to get a goal but it doesn't go in the hoop.

Are There Any Options For Smaller Children?

A regular size basketball hoop is generally great for adults and kids over ten years old, but you can still get your young ones involved with learning the sport by ordering them a kid's sized hoop.

  • Door mounted: Door mounted hoops are great because you can attach them to doors and let your kids play. They have shatterproof backboards, a basketball net and rim. Just ensure that there are no breakable items around.
  • Adjustable stand: Adjustable stands are great as they can grow with your child. You can place these basketball hoops anywhere while you are teaching them how to play and store them away easily when not in use.
  • Bath time nets: You can make bath time fun with a basketball net that suctions on to your bathroom wall. Your child can use a soft ball to practice shooting hoops while getting clean.
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