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Bape Athletic Shoes for Men

Bape is a clothing manufacturer that uses urban inspiration to create a line of vibrantly colored tennis shoes. The company is Japanese-based. Both its shoes and accessories are inspired by inner-city culture and are recognized for their wild colors.

What type of materials are the Bape shoes made from?

The Bape manufacturer creates a tightly knitted shoe made from rawhide and nylon. These are the materials of choice because they offer flexibility when creating new styles. This selection of materials also gives the shoe durability. One example of the company's footwear type and construction is found in the CAMO model by Bape. They are finished with dyed cowhide and are stitched with a classic, old-school tennis shoe mold. Additional features include the following:

  • Breathable synthetics and nylons: The Bape Sta and CAMO are both crafted with breathable materials that enable air to circulate around your feet. The Bathing Ape achieves this same aeration with fitted-rawhide technology and a cushioned sole for impact. This allows the shoes to be worn for a long time while keeping your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Dyed materials and signature colors: The CAMO, Bathing Ape, and Bape Sta styles are part of a larger theme that makes use of signature neon and other bright colors. The dyes are designed to be long-lasting with normal care and maintenance.
  • Stitching and leather work: The stitch work of Bape shoes gives them longevity and enables them to be used while doing various activities. The manufacturer created the Bathing Ape, the Bapesta, the CAMO, and the Bape Roadsta with a fundamental stitch that works with leather technology and dynamic molding.
Which characters and themes appear on Bape shoes and accessories?

The Bape company manufactures its shoes to coordinate well with its shirts, pants, and accessories. This means applying the company's many collaborations with the licensors for a number of animated characters, themes, and corporate brands. The resulting images, emblems, and company decals are listed on various Bape shoes as well as on matching accessories like hats and tees.

Bape shoes are inspired by the characters of Marvel, Hello Kitty, and DC Comics, to name a few. The pop artists portrayed in this line of footwear include Biggie Smalls, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, Lil’ Wayne, the Beastie Boys, and Linkin Park among many others. Major corporations that collaborate with Bape include the makeup producer M*A*C* and soft drink manufacturers Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

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