Change Your Fishing for the Better with the Right Bamboo Fly Rod

Flyfishing calls on your ability to adjust for various weather and water conditions. You might find the touch of sleek and sturdy bamboo on your fly rod perfect for a day of fishing. Not only are these vintage rods collector’s items, but they also perform well under a variety of fly fishing situations. 

Why are bamboo rods in demand? 

Bamboo rods can often make a suitable choice for fishers looking for more flexibility when fishing. There are so many nuances to the way you fish; not every company can make a rod for you specifically. Bamboo is now a commonly used material in fly rods, and auctions are listing a wider variety of tension, bending, and strength levels to try. 

Bamboo fly rods work like classic fly-rods. 

With the exception of touch, feel, and weight, the bamboo fly-rod works with all the common pieces of modern fly-rods. Here’s a look at what stands out as two useable features:  

  • Multi-piece setups: Breaking your rod down is important when walking or driving away from a fishing hole. Storage is made possible through 2-, 3-, and 4-piece sets that are then put into mesh sleeves for extra protection.
  • Easy-string guides: Stringing your fly-line into the rod requires the same guides found on synthetic fly-rods. The same line you use is also fitted for the bamboo variety. They fish like any pole and guide your line as you need.

Fly-rod collections grow with the likes of bamboo rods, which capture historic appeal and the antiquated methods of the sport. Tenkara rods are made of bamboo, but they don’t use a reel, adding to their uniqueness and antiquity. 

Can you choose from more than one weight? 

Weights are made for all species of fish, and the “unit” guides you into which fish you can or cannot land. Refer to the brand’s site for a better look at pounds and resistances. The higher the resistance level, the larger the fish you can catch. You’ll find new and used bamboo options on eBay with competitive makes that give you pro-weights for gamefish. 

Do international fly rod brands differ from domestic? 

In the process of curing bamboo, you’ll find that the feel and touch depends on the location of its manufacturer. This matters because bamboo is dried and stained differently in different climates and according to the customs of different cultures. Even while growing, some Asian bamboos experience more humidity than many African species do. The rod will preserve all of these details. 

When bamboo fly rods are protected with finishes. 

Affordable bamboo fly rods are either left raw or finished with a weatherproof glaze. Either option has been treated for climate; however, polished bamboo can take on different colors, textures, and hues.