Snag Some Baltimore Ravens Sports Tickets

The Baltimore Ravens play at the M&T Bank Stadium in the American Football Conference North Division of the National Football League. You can find Baltimore Ravens sports tickets available for games throughout the season on eBay. You might want to take special note of what else comes with the ticket as some sports tickets have passes for extra things like parking.

Some unique features of M&T Bank Stadium

This multipurpose stadium is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It officially opened in 1998. M&T Bank Stadium is one of the highest rated fields for accessibility, concessions, and fan amenities. At one time, the field was an artificial surface. Since 2016, the Baltimore Ravens have used a natural grass on the field. The nearest Baltimore Light Rail stop is the Hamburg Street station.

What seating options are available at M&T Bank Stadium?

You can get tickets to see the Baltimore Ravens play teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs throughout the season. The stadium has five levels of seating options. The seats in the lower bowl, club level, 300 suite level, 400 suite level, and the upper bowl are all available for purchase on eBay. The stadium can hold around 71,008 fans per game. Here are some options to consider when you purchase your Baltimore Ravens tickets:

  • 200-Level Club tickets: Club seats have access to a climate controlled concourse. There are eight bars for you to enjoy during the games. The 200 level also has an exclusive drink and food menu in their private lounges. The seats are wider than the rest of the stadium with extra legroom. There are also private restrooms with attendants, so no more waiting in line. If that wasn't enough, the 200 level seats have some of the best views in the stadium.
  • Flite Deck tickets: The Flite Deck seats are situated in the corner of the stadium in sections 547549. This is the spot if you're here to join other fans for a little socializing during the games. These seats have easy access to the main sports bar, so you'll never be without a snack or drink.
  • Sideline Seat tickets: If you are looking to see more action on the field, you should choose a sideline seat. You can witness all the action between the plays with the coaches and players. The Ravens sideline is located in front of sections 125128. The visitors' bench is near sections 100101 and 152153.
  • 500 Level tickets: Fans looking to take their family to the game should choose seats in the 521522 or 531532 sections. These seats are located on the upper level. They are farther away from the bar scene in the rest of the stadium. The stairs are shorter as well. That makes it easy for little feet to navigate up to their seats.
Food and drink options available at M&T Bank Stadium

The Ravens took the unprecedented step and lowered their concession prices to increase the fans' experience. Favorites like pizza, nachos, and burgers can be found throughout the stadium. Chesapeake tacos and kielbasa cheesesteak are some unique food choices. The BeerCycle is a mobile cart that helps to reduce the lines for beer at the nearby stands.

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