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Ballet Barres

Ballet barres are an essential piece of kit for any budding ballet dancer to practise their posture and movement. Or maybe you've been to a barre fitness class and want to continue practising at home. Whatever your aim, a ballet barre helps you to achieve your fitness and dancing goals in the comfort of your own home.


You'll find both wall-mounted and free-standing ballet barres available; whichever you choose depends on how much space you have and your personal preference. If you're short on space, then a wall-mounted barre may be beneficial, as the barre won't take up space in the middle of a room. A wall-mounted barre might also be a good idea if you are concerned about losing your balance, as you can easily lean against the wall if you start to wobble.

If you're buying a barre for your child or teenager then you might find that wall-mounted barre is impractical as you will have to keep moving the barre up the wall as they grow. A free-standing adjustable barre might be preferable in this scenario.

Single or Double Ballet Barres?

Both single and double ballet barres are available in the free-standing range of barres. If you feel confident in your practice and you already know the height you like to work at then a single barre might be sufficient for you.

If on the other hand, you're still developing your practice then a double barre might be better as you can then progress up to a greater height with the second barre. Or you could start your workout on the lower barre and then intensify the stretch by moving up to the higher barre later in the workout.

Choosing the Right Height

It's important to work with a barre that's the correct height for you in order to prevent over-stretching and possible injury. Choose an adjustable frame if you're unsure and experiment to see what height feels most comfortable for you.