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Dodge Ram 1500 Ball Joints

You can find a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket replacement ball joints for your Dodge Ram. These parts support and control your tires when you steer. There are many types of joints for your Dodge, including lower ball joints and upper ball joints, which are fundamental to its safety and performance.

What are ball joints and what is their purpose?

Ball joints are specialized parts within your vehicle that are designed to connect its steering knuckles to its control arms, working as a support joint for your wheels. They have ball-and-socket designs that allow your truck's steering system to pivot and move when you turn the steering wheel. These parts are also made to arc, which allows your car's wheels to adjust to any vertical changes in the road. They typically consist of a ball stud, bearings, a housing, an end cover, and either a washer or a spring.

Each time you turn your steering wheel, your Ram 1500's steering system moves spindles that are attached to your tires and brakes. Ball joints are the parts that permit these spindles to pivot and turn, which allows your vehicle to turn while supporting the weight of the body at the same time.

What kinds of joints are available for the Dodge Ram?

There are a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket Dodge joint parts and sets. You can find individual ball-joint components or complete sets and kits. Each part will be designed to fit your specific truck make, model, and year. They can be made of various materials but are typically made with a durable metal compound.

There are two main types of joints, and they are characterized by the type of suspension system they are used in. Four joints (two lower and two upper) can be found in cars with short-long arm suspension systems (SLAS), while only two lower joints in the front are found in models with struts. In addition, some cars with independent rear suspensions or front-wheel drive can also use rear joints. These two main types of ball joints are categorized as the following:

  • Follower - This type of joint is usually found in systems that use struts. It maintains control of your steering knuckle, lower arm, and struts. This type does not bear the weight of the car's body, with the upper strut-mount assembly doing most of that work. Follower joints rotate the steering knuckle and strut when you drive.
  • Loaded - This type of joint supports the weight of your automobile but also uses the work of follower joints for the control arms. In SLA suspensions, the loaded joint connects the follower joint to the steering knuckle and allows the loaded joint to rotate it.
When should these parts be replaced?

If your joints are damaged or faulty, your Ram 1500 could suffer from serious safety and performance issues. Signs that your Dodge Ram needs replacement joints include vibration in the wheels, clunking noises coming from the front of the body, or a wandering steering wheel. Some types of joints are designed with a special grease fitting that allows you to see and monitor the level of wear, but you can also attach a dial indicator to the control arm to view wear after lifting your truck.