Balenciaga Sneakers Are Standouts in Every Way

Multicolor Balenciaga Sneakers

Founded in 1919 by designer Cristobal Balenciaga, the Balenciaga brand, originally known as the "Cristobal Balenciaga House of Couture", is known for its eclectic design style that differed from the other popular haute couture design styles of the era. His unwillingness to ascribe to other designers' styles made him the darling of all of the fashionistas who wanted to be different. It makes sense that the same line of thinking endures when it comes to Balenciaga's sneakers and designer shoes. People are drawn to Balenciaga sneakers for their uniqueness and their willingness to flaunt convention.

Under the direction of creative director Demna Gvasalia, the brand has created lines of sneakers that have caught the attention of trendsetters around the world.

What are some of the details and specs of the Balenciaga speed trainer?

When the Balenciaga speed trainer was released in November 2016, the fashion world was a bit shocked. Some people were even skeptical. Balenciaga wasn't known for sneakers at the time, and the speed trainer was described as looking like a scuba shoe or nothing more than a sock with a rubber sole. Other people disagreed with the criticism, calling the speed trainer an iconic entrée into the sneaker fashion universe. Almost as soon as it was released, the speed trainer became the must-have item for many fashionistas and sneakerheads. Thanks to the early adoption of the sneakers by celebrities like Future and Bryson Tiller, suddenly everyone wanted to get their hands on a pair.

Balenciaga Sneakers

These Balenciaga sock shoes are extremely unique. Each shoe features a comfortable stretch net stock that makes up the upper part of the shoe, and there are no laces. The Balenciaga logo is located on the outer side panel of the upper near the toes, and there's one on the rear area sole as well. It has a textured sole that comes in black or white. The sole features memory sole technology and great shock absorption, adjusting to your feet as you walk while providing a comfortable surface for your feet. It weighs about 240 grams (half a pound), making it a light shoe that provides plenty of bounce and cushioning as you move about. It has a 10-millimeter arch, and it's made out of polyamide and Elastan. This shoe is available in a low top as well as a high-top version. There were limited edition sneakers that featured laces, but that line was ultimately discontinued.

The shoe is extremely comfortable to walk in. In spite of the fact that the shoes are laceless, the sock-like fit hugs your ankle, making you feel very secure as you walk.

What are some features of the Balenciaga Track LED sneaker?

The Balenciaga Track LED is a sneaker that has a multi-panel upper that is tied together with cord shoelaces. It has a layered sole that comes with a reinforced rubber outer sole and foam cushioning. It comes with an LED light located in the heel that lights up as you move. Balenciaga branding is located on the heel, the tongue, the side, and the front of the shoe, rounding out the entire look. This particular shoe was released in the Fall of 2018 and was meant to be the follow-up to the Triple S. If you're not interested in getting the LED option, the Track comes without LED as well.

Balenciaga Multicolor Sneakers

Are Balenciaga shoes true to size?

The way Balenciaga fashion shoes and sneakers fit depends on the specific model that you're talking about, but tend to run a bit big. If you're unable to try on the shoes before buying, compare them to other shoes that you've worn before that are similar in size and style. Another thing that people should be aware of is that Balenciaga only offers full sizes. This is something to keep in mind when figuring out which size to go for. See the manufacturer's website for details.

Balenciaga Light Up Shoes FAQ

What materials are used to create Balenciaga Track LED light-up shoes?

Balenciaga employs high-quality materials to craft their light-up men's athletic shoes. The upper components are leather-free and are composed of synthetic leather and textiles with a washed look to make them appear worn. The sneakers have TPU soles with LED lights powered by lithium-ion batteries.

What is the technology behind the light-up feature on the Balenciaga sneakers?

Balenciaga's light-up shoes feature innovative LED technology embedded in the soles. These LEDs are carefully integrated to ensure optimal illumination while maintaining the shoe's structural integrity. The lighting elements are powered by rechargeable batteries discreetly placed within the shoe.

What is the colorway of the Balenciaga light-up shoes?

The Balenciaga Track LED men's shoes come in a washed black colorway for the overlays and soles for a nearly monochromatic appearance. There are light-colored sections in the sole at the rear of the shoes where the LED technology is housed for illumination while running or walking. The Balenciaga logo is stamped in white along the outer front portion, and the black-and-white striped laces complete the look.

When were Balenciaga light-up shoes first released?

Balenciaga introduced their light-up shoes as part of the Balenciaga Track shoes for men in May 2019. The release followed the original debut of the Track shoes in 2018, refreshing them with LED features.

What serves as the inspiration behind Balenciaga light-up shoes?

Balenciaga's light-up shoes draw inspiration from a fusion of futuristic aesthetics and urban influences. The brand's design team often seeks to challenge conventional shoe design by incorporating avant-garde elements. This approach aligns with Balenciaga's reputation for innovation and experimentation within the fashion industry. The light-up feature adds an element of surprise and playfulness to the overall design, reflecting the brand's willingness to break norms.

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