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Wow Your Significant Other With a Baguette Diamond Ring

A diamond engagement or wedding ring is one of the ultimate expressions of significant others' love for each other. Baguette diamond rings, which can also mark anniversaries or other special occasions, are typically metal bands with multiple gems embedded in the gold, platinum, or other metal, arranged to give off a sparkling brilliance. eBay offers a huge selection of baguette diamond rings in a wide range of prices, and provides several helpful categories from which to choose the ideal gift for your beloved.

What is a baguette cut?

The term baguette refers to the shape of a diamond, which in this case resembles the loaf of bread called a baguette. Baguette diamonds are elongated rectangular diamonds that typically feature 14 facets in a step-cut style.

How to select a diamond ring

A baguette diamond ring bought as an engagement ring is a long-term investment. When looking for a diamond ring, the first thing you'll want to look at is the gemstone. Gemstones are rated based on these four qualities:

  • Carat: Used to measure the weight of diamonds; this does not have as much of an impact on pricing as the other elements.
  • Clarity: Rated by number, size, and position of inclusions/flaws a diamond has. Inclusions are natural imprints within the diamonds that make each one unique.
  • Cut: Refers to the number of angles, proportions, and shapes of each diamond.
  • Color: The clearer the diamond, the more valuable it is. Baguette diamonds show their color clearly because of the cut that creates fewer facets than other typical cuts used for these gems.
How can I determine the size of the ring?

Standard ring sizing charts are available online. If you don't know your fiancée's size and want to keep the presentation of the ring a surprise, try these suggestions:

  • Ask one of her friends or family members if they can discreetly size one of her rings.
  • Borrow one of her rings.
  • Try out one of her rings on your finger and mark the closest resting place with a pen.
  • Take a sheet of paper and trace the inside of one of her rings.
What kinds of ring finishes are there?

When choosing an engagement or wedding ring, you might want to opt for ones that have a platinum finish since platinum has good durability and doesn't tarnish easily. You can also choose a finish that is suited to your fiancée's personal tastes from three specific options:

  • Polished: Produces a surface with a high shine
  • Matte: Brushed finish with a smooth and less shiny surface
  • Satin: Brushed finish with a finer texture than a matte finish
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