Stash Your Gear in a Backpack

Having a backpack can come in handy if you have a lot to carry. You'll free up your hands so you can easily get on the bus, walk to school, bike to work or go on adventures. eBay backpacks come in many different styles and they range from new bags with many features to simple, used, cheap backpacks.

What size backpack should you get?

This is a big question that depends on the intended use and the user. Toddlers who need a backpack for school should get a 12-inch bag, and elementary school kids can start with a 15-inch backpack and move on to a 17-inch. Adults may also want a 17-inch or an 18.5-inch backpack for more storage. It's recommended that backpacks hang no more than 4 inches below your waist, and the point where the shoulder straps are attached to the top of the bag should be an inch or so below your shoulders.

If you're looking for backpacks on eBay to take with you when traveling, the capacity of the backpack will be measured in liters. Sizes could include:

  • 30 to 50 liters: These backpacks for sale are great for light packers who may be going on a short weekend trip.
  • 50 to 70 liters: This size lends itself to multi-day adventures lasting three to five nights.
  • Over 70 liters: A bag of this size would be the choice for a week-long trip or a shorter winter trek that requires warm clothing and gear.
What features do backpacks have for convenience?

Backpacks for sale could have the following features:

  • Multiple compartments: Most of the eBay bookbags will have larger pockets for books and lunch boxes, front pockets you can use for keys and pencils, and perhaps side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas.
  • Laptop or tablet storage: You can find an eBay backpack with a padded compartment specifically designed for laptops and tablets. With this feature, you can keep your electronics safe.
  • Hydration pack compatibility: If you're on the go, having a hydration pack fit in your bag can be helpful.
Backpacks with frames

Backpacks designed for heavier use may come with frames, commonly made out of aluminum, plastic, or a combination of lightweight materials. Internal frames are built into the bag and allow for a comfortable, tighter fit on the body. External frames are generally paired with larger bags and their design positions the load farther away from your back. If you're walking or hiking as opposed to skiing or climbing, an external frame can help you maintain good posture. Plus, they allow for good ventilation.