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Baby Reborn Dolls

Baby Reborn dolls are a line of baby dolls made of vinyl and produced with as much realism as possible so they look like an infant. In addition to the realistic positions of the doll's limbs and head, the dolls are painted to look like a newborn infant with hair, wrinkles, and rosy cheeks. These dolls are available in a range of sizes just like newborns, and they may come with or without clothing and accessories such as diapers or bottles.

What are the features of Baby Reborn dolls?
  • Anatomically correct: The reborn dolls offer anatomically correct features including boy or girl genitalia, umbilical stumps or belly buttons, and fingernails.
  • Magnetic mouth or hands: Some of the reborn baby dolls that look like newborns have magnetic mouths for accepting a pacifier. These reborn newborn toys are also available with magnetic hands for holding a pacifier, blanket, or toy.
  • Eyes and hair: The lifelike eyes of the baby dolls are carefully hand-painted to have pupils, colored irises, and eyelashes just like a newborn. The baby dolls may also have hair attached. The reborn toy's hair could be made of mohair, acrylic, or another material.
  • Natural skin tones: Multiple layers of paint or glaze are applied to the vinyl and silicone parts of these baby dolls in order to create a realistic skin tone with blue or red undertones that mimic those of a newborn infant.
What materials are Baby Reborn dolls made from?
  • Silicone: The facial features of a reborn baby are usually made from silicone. The silicone can be sculpted and can create realistic effects, such as the skin folds and wrinkles around a baby's chin and neck.
  • Vinyl: The arms, hands, legs, and toes of a reborn baby are typically made of vinyl. The vinyl of the reborn toy is firm, smooth, and able to take on a full range of colors in order to produce a lifelike skin tone.
  • Cotton: The middle section of a reborn baby doll is often made with cotton cloth for softness, much like a baby's belly is soft. The middle section of the reborn toy baby may also be stuffed with cotton fiber fill to produce a rounded belly.
  • Plastic pellets: The heads of reborn baby dolls are often filled with plastic pellets. This gives a realistic weight to the head, making the doll lifelike.
How do you choose a Baby Reborn doll?
  • Select a size: The reborn baby toys are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 24 inches from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. They range in weight from one to six pounds.
  • Select a gender: There are boy and girl reborn babies. The reborn toy dolls may have typically gendered clothing or gender-neutral clothing.
  • Choose a position: The doll may be in a curled, stretched, or relaxed position. The baby's eyes may be open or closed and with or without tears. The baby may have an open or closed mouth.
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