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Create a Safe Space for Your Infant With Baby Playpens or Play Yards

Children of all ages need a safe space to play in, especially babies, infants and toddlers. Baby play yards are a great way to ensure your little ones have that safe space. Baby playpens are another wonderful option for a safe area to play in. If you are looking for a new or used baby playpen for sale, you're in the right place. Playpens on eBay give you the largest array of options.

Why use a playpen or play yard?

When you bring your baby home for the first time, they don't need that much space. In fact, newborns and infants tend to be just fine with a safe space to sleep and a small spot for tummy time. Once they begin to crawl and walk, you will want to ensure that space has clear boundaries to ensure their safety. A playpen or a play yard both make great solutions to this problem. A playpen or a play yard both provide an enclosed space that your little one can play in without getting out. While you always want to ensure they are supervised, you can get a little more peace of mind when using a playpen or a play yard.

Types of playpens and play yards

There are different types of playpens and play yards that are designed for children depending on where they are developmentally as well as the amount of space you have in your home.

  • Play yard with bassinet and changer - When your children are still babies, a play yard with a built in bassinet and changer is a great option. This play yard can double as a safe sleeping space, and as your child grows older, it is a suitable, albeit small, space for him to play in.
  • Portable play yard - Portable play yards are excellent for infants and smaller toddlers who travel. It is a great choice for going to visit family and friends or even for going on vacation.
  • Outdoor/indoor playpen - Used playpens are a solid option for children once they have grown older and are able to walk and run in a larger space. These playpens tend to be made of sturdy plastic and can be used to section off a space either inside of outside. Play pens for sale on eBay will provide you with an option that meet your needs.
What ages are play yards and playpens appropriate for?

Play yards are definitely intended for younger children due to their smaller size. They are a great sleeping space for newborns and play space for infants. Playpens, on the other hand, are better for infants and toddlers who have more mobility.

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