Baby Bed Rails

Adding a bed rail to a toddler or larger bed can help to reduce the fear of falling once the safety and security of the crib is gone. Toddler bed rails are available in many styles and colors, making it simple to find the one that meets your family's needs.

What kind of bed rail styles are available?

Most baby bed rails are designed with long legs that sit under the mattress with a side panel that fits snugly against the side of the mattress and also extends above it to form a barrier. Bed rails are available as a standard size, in an extra long length, as a foam option, or in a double-sided design. Bed rails can have a hinged hideaway or swing down construction, or can be in a stationary upright position known as a crib rail. A double-sided option is designed with two safety panels and is for use in beds that are positioned away from the wall. White is the most common color for bed rails, but they are also available in other shades like pink, blue, gray, and beige.

How do you use a baby or toddler bed rail?

To place a hideaway or swing down rail, open the hinges to form a 90-degree angle, and then slide the legs between the mattress and the box spring. A hideaway version has hinges that allow the rail to lie flat, so that it can be slid under the mattress and out of the way when not in use. A swing down model has hinges that allow the panel to swing down towards the floor and out of the way. A crib rail is smaller and is designed to be used on a convertible crib. The legs are placed into the crib like the other two versions.

How do you use a portable barrier or bumper guard?

Portable or bumper bed rails are meant to provide your child with extra security and safety in a less obtrusive way or while traveling. These bed rails are designed to sit directly on the surface of the mattress while being covered and held in place by the fitted sheet.

What sizes of beds will a bed rail work on?

Bed rails can be used on convertible cribs and toddler, twin, or full-sized beds. Rails can also be used on queen and king-sized beds if your toddler is sleeping with you.

What kind of materials are bed rails made out of?

Most bed rails use a breathable nylon mesh panel as a safety feature. The washable mesh panels are surrounded by a fabric border for strength and a metal frame for stability. Hinges are usually composed of a sturdy plastic. Bumpers and portable barriers are typically made of lightweight foam.