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Babe Ruth Baseball Trading Cards

Babe Ruth is considered one of the greatest baseball players in history. Baseball cards featuring this iconic player are highly sought-after. It's important to understand how to recognize authentic Babe Ruth cards to ensure that your card collection contains only genuine merchandise.

Who was Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth was born in 1895. Before acquiring the nickname "Babe," he was known as George Herman Ruth Jr. In 1914, he began a career in the Major Leagues that spanned 22 seasons. He first played pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, but he later became known as a power hitter for the New York Yankees. In 1927, Ruth set the single-season home run record, a record which stood for 34 years. He competed in and won seven World Series, was awarded the title of American League Most Valuable Player in 1923, was twice named All-Star, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.

How can you tell if a card is authentic?

As a collector, it's important to tell the difference between original vintage baseball cards, contemporary reprints, and even forgeries. Consider the following tips:

  • Manufacturer's reprints look just like vintage originals; they generally include the word "reprint" and a contemporary copyright date.
  • Commemorative cards feature highlights from Babe Ruth's career but do not resemble the original cards. Most are marked as being a commemorative card and include a contemporary copyright date.
  • Forged or counterfeit cards are identifiable due to differences from other confirmed cards of the same year. Ask yourself, "Are the colors the same? Are the photos and text the same size? Are any other differences evident?" Printed creases, or the appearance of a visual crease on a card where a crease does not physically exist, are a sign of forgery due to scanning the original card.
  • Many of the most valuable cards have been authenticated or graded by one of several sports card companies. These cards are given an official grade and preserved in a plastic casing. You can rely on these graded cards to be originals.
Which Babe Ruth baseball cards are the most collectible?

Babe Ruth baseball cards are highly collectible. Some fan favorites include:

  • 1914 Baltimore News number 7 Babe Ruth: As the first Ruth card, it came in red and blue printing variations.
  • 1916 M101-4/M101-5 number 151 Babe Ruth: This was the first card of Ruth's professional career for the Boston Red Sox.
  • 1917 E135 Collins-McCarthy/H801-8 Boston Store number 147 Babe Ruth: This was an early card released in two different sets.
  • 1921 Frederick Foto Babe Ruth: This unique card identifies Ruth as a player for the New York Yankees but includes a photo of him in a Red Sox jersey.

Once you have purchased your card, be sure that it is properly stored and cared for to maintain its quality for an extended period of time.

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