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Blackhawk! Holsters for Ruger Guns

Whether you need a holster to safely conceal carry or for transportation during travel, it is important to find one that is both safe and simple to use. Options you may want to consider include safety attachments as well as padding to protect against bumps or falls. Additionally, you may want to look into a holster with material that is able to withstand inclement weather or extreme temperatures.

What styles of holsters are available from Blackhawk?

The line of holsters for the Ruger Blackhawk pistols includes options for belts, hips, inside the waistband, paddles, pockets, and shoulders. The style for you will depend on the usage of your weapon.

  • Waistband - Ruger Blackhawk models with this easily concealed style are thin and lightweight, featuring a non-slip interior.
  • Paddle - Designed for use with a belt, a paddle model from Blackhawk keeps the barrel of your revolver securely in place with an adjustable retention setting.
  • Pocket - This simple model is good for small barrels, such as a Ruger .380 caliber. They will not typically have any safety attachments, so you can draw the handgun easily.
  • Shoulder - If you do not need to conceal your oversized Ruger weapon, shoulder cases allow you to sling it like a bag. They will typically have safety straps, ensuring your Ruger Blackhawk weapon stays in place.
What materials are available for the Ruger holsters from Blackhawk?

Available materials for Ruger accessories include carbon fiber, Kydex, leather, and nylon. As with the style, your material should be chosen based on the usage and surrounding conditions.

  • Moisture - Holsters exposed to sweat, rain, and humidity will need a material that wicks the moisture away rapidly. Examples include Kydex and carbon fiber.
  • Safety - You want to make sure you do not risk snagging your revolver against the carrying case when drawing. Materials that are heavy enough to retain the shape of your barrel include leather and Kydex.
  • Convenience - If you are seeking a carrying case that is flexible enough to fit different firearms, nylon and light leather are options. These materials can be used to create one-size-fits-all holsters to fit larger Ruger pistols.
Does Blackhawk have options for left-handed gun shooters?

Models are available for shooters of either hand preference. Certain styles, such as pocket, are inherently ambidextrous, as you do not have to remove a strap to remove the weapon. If you are using a paddle or a shoulder holster for a revolver, you will want to pick a side based on your dominant hand. Some waist models are ambidextrous as well, depending on whether you wear a belt and carry firearms on the hip or back.

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