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BB Guns

In 1940, Daisy introduced the iconic Red Ryder, becoming an instant classic. BB guns can represent a safer and fun alternative to standard firearms, and are a common choice for both young and advanced shooters. There is a variety of types available to fit a multitude of preferences.

What is a BB gun?

They are weapons capable of firing small projectiles. While not intended for hunting or home defense, they do have a number of advantages over their higher caliber counterparts. They use compressed air to fire small, rounded 4.5mm steel or lead BBs at a target. They do not use pellets unless specifically manufactured to do so. The following are some benefits of BB guns.

  • BB guns are considered to be reasonably safe and easy to handle. They make for good training and practice for an inexperienced shooter.
  • Some powerful models can be used to shoot small rodents and birds where legal. Not all models produce the power needed. Pellets can be used for better kill ability in certain models.
  • They are a fun way to practice target shooting, sight calibration and other gun activities.
What is an Airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns are similar to their BB counterparts, but have some key differences despite often being lumped together. They fire plastic BBs instead of metal, at a size of 6mm and can be fired at people wearing proper safety gear.

  • Like regular BB guns, Airsoft guns also represents a training and practice tool for inexperienced gun users and children. These guns often appear and feel more like a standard firearm than a BB gun.
  • Airsoft is not traditionally used for target shooting.
  • Most commonly used in war games and tactical simulations, similar to paintball. Both professionals and hobbyists enjoy this activity.
What styles of BB and Airsoft guns are available?

Many styles of these weapons are available to suit any need and desire.

  • The rifle is the traditional standard of BB guns. Rifles have the greatest range and accuracy on their shots. Barrels can come in long barrel, sniper barrel, or shorter barrel varieties depending on desire and rifle model.
  • Pistols and handguns, common in Airsoft, mimic the look and feel of real firearms like Sig-Sauer pistols, Wesson pistols, and Ruger pistols. These guns can be heavily modified with laser scopes, flashlights, and more.
  • Revolver style guns are often used for specific events. Revolver shootouts or revolver Western style games are an alternative to standard Airsoft brawls.
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