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B&M Car and Truck Gear Shifters

B&M manufactures transmissions, manual shifters, automatic shifters, torque converters, flexplates, and more. They have been making shifters and conversion kits for cars and other automotives since 1960. Whether your racing car or truck needs a new kit, or you want to switch to a different transmission, you might have questions about the available B&M car and truck gear shifters.

What specific types of shifters are there for cars?

B&M car and truck gear shifters come in three different types. They are described below:

  • Short - When you don't have time to waste, you can alter the throw so you have a higher pivot location. This reduces the distance your manual clutch moves, keeping your focus on the road.
  • Performance - In addition to shortening the pivot, a performance clutch reduces the looseness of the gear's pattern. When racing, the reduced time of your throw can make the difference when seconds count.
  • Automatic - The automatic shifter comes with a backup light switch, a lighted gear indicator, and a neutral safety switch. You can customize your automatic transmission's shifter with a variety of parts, such as knobs, covers, grip textures, and frame plates. You have the option of making your racing car unique with these options.
Do you replace the shift cable when replacing the shifter?

The shifting cable of the handle is anchored in two locations, making replacement of this controller simple when replacing the lever. One side is located on the engine's shifting control arm, while the other side is located under the rubber cover on the handle itself. If you notice any rust, corrosion, or weak points on the current cable, it is generally a good idea to replace this accessory when replacing the shifting kit.

What material is the cover available in?

When choosing your next B&M gear cover, you might want to know more about the materials that they come in and they are listed below:

  • Aluminum - A soft alloy metal, aluminum is light and is made especially for a short throw manual race car.
  • Silicone - This material stays cool during hot days and warm on cold days. Silicone can therefore be used in different temperatures.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl is smooth. Like plastic, it is generally used on automatic transmissions.
  • Plastic - A B&M plastic transmission shift is resistant to rust and is lightweight. This is often used on automatic transmissions.
  • Platinum - This is dense and heavier gear style. It is often used for stick transmissions.
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