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Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting Creed Perfumes for Men Aventus

The Creed Perfumes for Men Aventus is a fruity smelling cologne that was introduced in 2010. The life of Emperor Napolean inspired it. It is made with the finest hand-selected ingredients and is designed to celebrate success, strength, and vision.

What sizes does Creed Aventus come in?

This scent comes in two bottle types: spray and flacon. It provides men with the best scent in their preferred container, and it comes in several sizes that are suitable for men who want to try this scent for the first time and for those that already love it.

  • 50 milliliter/1.7 ounce spray
  • 100 milliliter/3.3 ounce spray
  • 250 milliliter/8.4 ounce flacon
  • 500 milliliter/17 ounce flacon
  • 1,000 milliliter/34 ounce flacon
Does Creed have other colognes similar to this fragrance?

Creed has three fragrances that are easily compared to this perfume for men. Each one has different advantages, but they all have rich and fruity fragrances that men can enjoy. They are all made with the base fragrances and contain similar heart and top ingredients. These colognes are named:

  • Silver Mountain Water
  • Virgin Island Water
  • Original Vetiver
What bases and notes are used to make this fragrance?

The ingredients used for the perfume were hand selected by its creators. It contains base ingredients. The heart ingredients help to bring out the right smell, and the top ingredients are what molds the perfume into having a sweeter more rich smell. Below is a list of the base, heart, and top ingredients:

  • Base ingredients: Oak moss, ambergris, vanilla, and musk
  • Heart ingredients: Patchouli, rose, Moroccan jasmine, and dry Birch
  • Top ingredients: Apple, bergamot, pineapple, and blackcurrant
How long does this Creed product last when applied?

On average, this product lasts for around eight hours after applying it. This can vary depending on personal body aroma. If you are going to be out for more than eight hours, it is recommended to refresh the cologne after around six or seven hours after first applying it.

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