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Automotive Tool Boxes & Storage

Assembling an automotive toolbox is a labor of love. Whether you need it for your vehicle, your truck, or your home storage, an organizational system for your tools and accessories is essential. For tool storage you'll be satisfied with, you'll need to keep in mind a few key points.

What kind of automotive toolbox storage do I need?

When buying a toolbox, organizer, or tool storage system, first determine where you'll need access to your tools and how much storage space you'll require to get the job done. Do you have an extensive collection of tools or just a few? Will you be working in your garage, or will you need a portable tool case you can keep in your vehicle?

  • Few tools: The best option if you have a few tools is to get a solid, handheld toolbox. Durable and portable, handheld tool boxes or tool cases made of solid plastic or steel give you flexibility.
  • Extensive collection: For an extensive collection of tools, a tool chest or cart with multiple sliding drawers and storage cabinet is a great organizer and provides a one-stop shop for your tool storage.
  • Good for trucks: Lockable aluminum tool chests specifically designed to fit pickups are a smart choice for people who need their tools on the go.
What features should a good tool box or cart have?

Overall, durability and ease of operation are key features. Carefully measure to determine how much storage space for your organizer you'll need. When in doubt, get a larger size than you think you'll need: it's always better to get more storage than less. Consider equipping your toolbox or cart with organizers such as wrench rails and socket wrench or screwdriver trays for easier use and access.

  • Tool box: Look for solid metal or durable plastic construction, multiple cantilevered drawers, a firmly-seated carry handle in a length that makes it easy to handle, and generous interior space for larger tools. The box should open and close without a hitch and the trays should expand and retract smoothly.
  • Tool cart: Look for solid construction materials such as steel or aluminum, especially if your tools are heavy and need reinforced storage. Drawers should operate on heavy ball bearings for greater durability. Rolling wheels give you flexibility about placement and access in a garage setting.
What features should a toolbox for my vehicle have?
  • Safety: Make sure the toolbox is durable and lockable with a solid hinge to discourage loss.
  • Weatherproof: Look for toolboxes with weatherproof seals or built-in water resistance to keep your tools safe from rust or damage.
  • Shape: Carefully measure the space in your truck or trailer and determine what shape will fit. Rectangular toolboxes are common and so are tongue tool boxes that fit on the tongue of your trailer.