Automotive Brake Lathes

Automotive Brake Lathes

An automotive brake lathe is a specialized tool for resurfacing brake drums and discs in automotive or truck garages. Depending on the type of vehicles you service, the size of the shop, and how often you work there are several different styles to choose from including on car, bench, and heavy duty brake lathes. Before you pick the one you want you should look for the appropriately sized unit for your needs. Bigger is not always better, especially if you work in a small garage. Another consideration is replacement parts. It’s a good idea to figure out the cost to purchase a replacement part if something would happen to your lathe and the ease of finding the said parts. A brake lathe is not a cheap tool and therefore much thought and research should be given before a purchase is made.

On Car Lathe

An on-the-car lathe not only resurfaces the rotors to the center line of the wheel bearings but it also speeds the job up in most cases. One thing to look for when picking out the model for you is whether or not anti-chatter technology is a feature. What this means is that technology is employed that oscillates the machining speed of the unit which in turn eliminates the buildup of vibration that often occurs when machining at a fixed speed.

Bench Lathe

Unlike an on-the-car lathe, a bench lathe is a lathe mounted on a workbench. This means instead of taking the machine to the part; you take the part to the machine. Consider the durability, functionality, precise movement, powerful motor performance, and design of the unit before you make the decision on which make and model is best for you and your garage. 

Heavy Duty Brake Lathe

Heavy duty vehicles require a different brake lathe than a passenger car or truck. Typically you will need a larger, sturdier unit that will have the power and stamina to complete the job and complete it correctly. You want one that utilizes precision machining and a variable-speed drive system to service rotors at the fastest achievable speed without sacrificing quality.