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Honda Civic Auto Glass

The glass in your Honda Civic is designed to provide protection and a clear view while you’re driving your vehicle. If you experience a chip or a crack, you will want to get the glass replaced quickly. Understanding the various options available for glass parts will make it easier to get what you need for your Honda.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass has been chemically or heat treated in order to give it strength that is approximately five times greater than regular glass. As a result, it will not break as easily, ensuring that you have more protection in the event of a collision in your Honda Civic. If it does break, it won’t create sharp, jagged edges like regular glass. Instead, it will shatter into smaller, blunt pieces so that you are less likely to be injured if glass lands on you.

What are the benefits of auto tint?

Tinted window and windshield accessories block UV rays from entering the car. This protects you and reduces the chances of your interior upholstery fading. It will also help to keep the vehicle cooler when sitting out in the sun. The tint is identified by percentage of how much sun is allowed into the car. A tint of 60% would allow 60% of the sunshine in, while a 5% limo tint only allows 5% of the sunlight in.

What should you look for in glass for your Civic?

Buying glass Honda Civic Parts involves reviewing a few things.

  • Location of glass: You need to identify what glass broke, such as whether it's a windshield, passenger rear window, or stationary window in the rear.
  • Model year: It's important to identify the model year to get the right shape and size of glass. It's also a good idea to be sure of your Honda's trim level.
  • Features: Determine any features you want the glass parts to have, such as a specific tint for your Civic or wiring for defrosting.
How do you install auto glass?

Installing glass requires a lot of caution and several tools. You should always work with another person to help support the weight of the glass. The windshield and back window both involve removing all existing glass as well as the seals. You then need to place the glass on the rim and use new seals. If you're replacing a window on one of the doors, it will be necessary to remove the door frame. This will allow you to set the window on the sill properly.

In some instances, you’ll receive only the glass when you order it. In other instances, you may receive the necessary seals involved with installing the glass at the same time.