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Chevrolet Corvette Auto Glass Seals

Corvette windows are necessary to protect you and your passenger from wind, weather, and road debris. Chevrolet Corvette auto glass seals that are in good repair, are a key part of keeping your auto glass intact and controlling the interior climate.

Are there different types of seals for Corvette automotive glass?

Glass seals, also known as molding or weather stripping, are made of rubber or a rubber and plastic compound. There are different shapes and configurations for different purposes and panel sizes. For example, the seal you would use on the windshield is different from the one you would install for a side vent window. The different types include:

  • S-shaped window seals: Made for smaller windows and thinner plates of glass.
  • U-channel sections: For protecting the edges of glass panels and making a seal on fixed aluminum-framed panels like those on the back or pickup trucks.
  • Squared u-channel sections: These have a wide channel and flat bottoms; used for larger panes or thick glass panels like the original window glass in many vintage Chevrolet cars and trucks.
  • Flocked, ridged glass seals: Designed for sliding windows, these provide a leak-proof seal and fit snugly into channels of different size or joined together.
  • Self-adhesive rubber strips: Multipurpose rolls of weather stripping or seals backed by strong adhesive tape.
Are glass seals different on Corvette Stingray coupes versus convertibles?

In convertibles, there is a seal attached to the bottom of soft-tops to provide extra protection for these Chevrolet models. If the top is made from cloth or canvas, the rear window is glued to a plastic strip that attaches the glass to the top. The window can become detached if this strip wears or pulls away from the fabric but can be reattached with double-sided tape made for this purpose.

How do you replace the glass seals on a Corvette coupe?

The first symptoms of a weather strip leak are the sound of wind rushing through the windows of your Corvette when they're up all the way or a puddle on the floorboards of your Chevrolet after a storm. Then, it just takes a little investigating to locate the source and determine if the inner or outer seal needs replacement. You can then replace it with a universal seal of the same size and shape or one made especially for your Chevrolet. To replace:

  1. Roll the window completely down on your Chevrolet Corvette to remove any screws holding the old seal and pull it up using pliers.
  2. Clean the surface to remove any traces of the old seal or adhesive.
  3. Measure and cut the replacement seal to fit.
  4. Apply seal adhesive to the inner surface of the door opening and the edge of the seal.
  5. Put the seal into position and replace screws.