Own a Piece of History With an Authentic Indian Arrowhead Collection

If you are looking to own a piece of history, then consider starting an authentic arrowhead collection. It is easy to get started when you shop eBay for vintage authentic arrowheads. There is a wide assortment of choices available from across the United States.

What can affordable Indian arrowheads be made from?

Indian arrowheads can be made from several different things, including the following:

  • Bone: You can find arrowheads made from animal bone. Usually, Native Americans used the femur bone.
  • Chert: These arrowheads were made from sedimentary rock containing small quartz crystals. They usually come from areas, like along oceans, where there has been abundant water. They can vary in color from grayish-brown to rusty-red depending on the minerals in the rock.
  • Flint: Actually a type of chert, it usually is dark gray, black, green, brown, or white. Flint Indian arrowheads usually have a white, rough edge.
  • Obsidian: These arrowheads are carved out of volcanic rock.
  • Wood: Some Indians carved arrowheads out of strong wood, with oak and balsa wood often being used.
Types of arrowheads

There are many types of arrowheads, including the following:

  • Lanceolate arrowheads - These arrowheads have a base expanding outward that narrows back in at the tip. You can further divide this type into three sub-types. The auriculate features shapes that look like downward-sloping ears on each side of the base. Leaf-shaped arrowheads have a round base. Triangle-shape arrowheads look like a triangle.
  • Notched arrowheads - These arrowheads have notches on them. Those with notches up the side are called side-notched, but if the barbs are very long, then they are called basal-notched arrowheads. These arrowheads may also only have a notch in the corner.
  • Stemmed arrowheads - Some arrowheads were made with a stem. The stem can taper from the shoulder to the base, or it can expand from the base to the shoulder.
Do used Indian arrowheads have different blade shapes?

The blade shape on Indian arrowheads describes the type of curvature found on the arrowhead. An excurvated arrowhead is broad at the base and narrows at the tip with sides that make a straight line. An incurvate arrowhead has a broad base and comes to a point, but the sides curve in slightly to create a narrower Indian head. Outward recurvate arrowheads are the same width from the shoulders to the tip.