Audio Player Cases, Covers and Skins

Audio player cases, covers, and skins allow you to add a certain amount of protection and style to your audio player, speaker, or amplifier. These sound system cases are compatible with a wide range of brands, ranging from Apple and Panasonic to Sony. They come in a variety of designs, such as a small pouch design, a wallet case, a wristlet, or a fitted case.

What are some features available with these covers and cases?

Although these covers and cases are primarily designed to provide protection for your music player, they can come with a large number of unique features. Some of them are outfitted with a plastic hard shell that allows the cover to be stylish while at the same time providing the audio player with a durable and tough shell. Holes may exist to allow you to attach headphones or a microphone and charge using a power cord without removing the case. Many of these cases are designed to be durable, dirt-resistant, and shock-resistant in order to hold up in rugged conditions. Some can be zippered to mirror a small purse or wallet while others are outfitted with a belt loop, loop fastener, or hand strap that may be detachable.

What materials are these cases and covers made of?

The audio player cases and covers, speaker cases, and speaker covers can be comprised of a variety of materials, from suede to metal to plastic to nylon. Many are designed to offer a close fit to avoid vibration sound. Materials include:

  • Suede: This material has a soft and velvety texture. Due to the way in which this material is constructed for music player or speaker covers, it can avoid fraying and similar issues.
  • Leather: This is a natural type of fabric that is meant to hold up to a heavy amount of wear and tear. This material is also water resistant.
  • Polyester: This is a flexible material that can stretch easily yet is also heavy-duty. It is resistant to shrinking and wrinkles, allowing it to hold up under a range of conditions.
  • Nylon: This is a lightweight material that has a high amount of strength and is resistant to abrasion. It also holds up to chemicals and other substances.
  • Rubber: This speaker cover or audio player cover material is durable and water-resistant while also being able to avoid vibrations and silence any noise.
Which colors do these skins, cases, and covers come in?

These skins and covers are available to you in many different colors, the most common of which are black, red, and blue. Models offer over two dozen choices of colors that you can choose from. Some of the more prevalent ones include green, brown, aqua, orange, purple, silver, and white. A selection of these items also come in multiple colors with unique designs and patterns, such as flower petals, baseballs, and rainbows, allowing you to add some personality to the cover you choose.