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Hurry, the Auction Ends Soon! 

Score a great deal and score it quickly by bidding on auctions that are ending soon. Whether bidding on clothes, toys, or electronics, the key to winning is to act fast and offer the highest bid. Feel the instant gratification of winning that "must-have" item at the last moment. To help you get to where you need to be without needing to search, links on this page will take you directly to auctions with interest and those ending within the next 12 hours. 

Stay Up-To-Date on the Auction? 

The last few hours of an auction sees the greatest activity. Get it before it's gone by getting notifications on your phone on what's happening with the auction. While keeping an eye on your latest auction you'll notice how much interest is coming from buyers like yourself. This helps you decide when and how much to bid. Stay within your budget and only pay what you want by bidding up to your limit. 

Ask Before You Bid. 

eBay has a whole host of upstanding sellers who are there to help you with your transaction. To ensure you are getting the exact item you are looking to purchase, message sellers with questions before the auction ends.   

  • Ask for additional pictures - Although there might be a few pictures of the actual product on the listing, perhaps you want better or up close pictures. Especially important if scratches are listed, so you can see exactly how big and how it affects the item.
  • Ask about combined shipping - When buying more than one item from the seller, often, combined shipping will be offered, but not always. It's also important to let the merchant know you are interested in more than one of their auctions.
  • Ask about how true to size the clothing runs - Some brands run fairly true to size, but others tend to run bigger or smaller. For example, a size 6 to one brand, might fit more like a size 4 or a size 8 in another brand.