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Atari Jaguar Console

The Atari Jaguar was the sixth and final video game console developed by the Atari Corporation. First released in November of 1993, the Jaguar is a successor to the Atari 7800 ProSystem. It was officially discontinued in 1996.

What are the specifications of the Atari Jaguar console?

Atari marketed the Jaguar as a 64-bit console. The system has a multi-chip architecture with 2MB of RAM that uses several different processors working in tandem. It has a general-purpose CPU, a graphics processor, an "object" processor, and a processor that was devoted entirely to producing digital sound. The object processor provided all video output from the system. Thanks to its technical specifications, the Jaguar could render both 2-D and 3-D video games, although it tended to use 2-D sprites instead of full 3-D models.

Is the Atari Jaguar compatible with any peripherals?

Yes. Atari released several peripherals over the life of the system, including a redesigned controller, a four-player adapter, and a link cable for local area network gaming. Whereas the original controller had three action buttons, a pause button, option button, D-pad, and numerical keypad, the redesigned controller added three more face buttons and two triggers so that it would be more suited for playing fighting games.

What is the Jaguar CD?

The Jaguar CD is an optional CD-ROM add-on that was released in September of 1995. The Jaguar CD is not a separate system but instead requires the base Atari Jaguar to play. It attaches to the Jaguar and augments its capabilities by allowing it to play CD-based games with full CD-quality audio and video. Every Jaguar CD unit came with a Virtual Light Machine, which displayed light patterns based on the music from an audio CD. A Jaguar CD Memory Track also allows you to store your saved game data and in-game preferences for CD-based games.

Are Jaguar games stored on cartridges?

Yes. The Jaguar system uses a proprietary ROM cartridge to store its games, although a select few video games released exclusively for the Jaguar CD used CD-ROMs instead.

How many games were released for the Atari Jaguar?

Atari released 67 games in cartridge format and another 15 games on CD-ROM for a total of 82 games. The highest selling game for the Atari Jaguar was "Alien vs. Predator," an exclusive first-person shooter published by Atari that lets you take control of the alien, the predator, or a human from the movie series. The game features 3-D environments with 2-D character sprites. "Tempest 2000," a remake of the 1981 arcade game, was released for the Jaguar in 1994. The Jaguar was also the first system to receive a release of the original "Rayman," a platform game developed by Ubisoft. The console received a few ports of previously existing games, including "Worms," "Myst," "Doom," "Wolfenstein 3D," and "NBA Jam: Tournament Edition."

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