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Atari 5200 Console

The Atari company originated in 1972 and offers games like RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic and Goon Squad. The Atari 5200 was released in 1982. It comprised the second generation of Atari video game systems.

What features does the system have?
  • The Atari 5200 console was inspired by and used much of the same hardware as the Atari 400 and 800 personal computers. In many ways, it was a combination of the personal computer and the gaming system.
  • It comes with a controller storage bin on the back, which makes it physically larger than previous Atari systems.
  • The analog controllers have a joystick and numeric keypad. There are also reset, start, and pause buttons, in addition to two fire buttons, one on each side. The joystick has a full 360 degrees of movement. Another feature of the joystick is that it has a built-in speed control.
  • It's the first video game console that allowed players to pause the game they are playing.
What are the technical specifications of the Atari 5200?
  • The CPU is an Atari custom 6502C at 1.79 MHz.
  • The graphics chips are Atari ANTIC and GTIA.
  • It has 16KB of RAM.
  • The dimensions are 13 inches by 15 inches by 4.25 inches.
  • Game cartridges can hold up to 48KB of data.
  • Resolution is up to 320 by 192 and 256 colors.
  • It's an 8-bit unit.
What editions of the Atari 5200 were released?

There were two editions released of the Atari 5200. The first edition, released in 1982, had four controller ports. The second-generation release had two controller ports.

What is the RF switchbox?
  • The RF switchbox was included with the first edition of the console. It supplies power to the console via the same audio/visual cable that connects the console to the TV.
  • The switchbox is automatic and will switch to the game system signal from the TV signal once the unit is powered on.
  • A regular version was used for the second edition of the 5200.
How many games are there for the Atari 5200?

A total of 96 games were released for this console. Some examples include:

  • Zaxxon (published by Sega and released in 1984)
  • Pengo (published by Atari and released in 1983)
  • Wizard of Wor (published by CBS Electronics and released in 1983)
  • Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns (published by Activision and released in 1983)
  • Star Wars: The Arcade Game (published by Parker Bros. and released in 1984)
  • Countermeasure (published by Atari and released in 1982)
  • Centipede (published by Atari and ported to the 5200 in 1982)
  • Mario Bros. (ported to the Atari 5200 in 1983)
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