Asphalt and Concrete Pavers Are Necessary for Most Roadwork

Asphalt and concrete pavers are used for any type of road paving projects that involves the use of asphalt and concrete. These projects can range in size from a golf cart path to an interstate highway. No matter which type of paver you may need, you can find inexpensive used pavers for sale on eBay that will suit your particular requirements.

Types of asphalt paving equipment

You will need different types of paving equipment for paving roads, depending on the specific task at hand. These are the most commonly used types of paving equipment for sale on eBay:

  • Tracked asphalt paver - A tracked asphalt paver is a road paver that has tracks instead of tires. Pavers with tracks are good to use with newly prepared ground, as they offer better traction in loose sand and dirt. They can be steel or rubber tracks. Tracked pavers are usually more expensive than wheeled pavers and have a higher maintenance cost for the tracks.
  • Wheeled asphalt paver - Wheeled pavers are faster moving than tracked pavers. They are good choices when the paving is being done on a previously prepared surface. They cost less upfront and require less maintenance than tracked pavers.
  • Screeds - Screeds are machines that have hydraulic variable-width adjustment systems and heated screed plates. Screeds are used to flatten the asphalt and set it to a certain width after the pavers have spread the asphalt. A screed provides the initial smoothing.
  • Roller - A road roller is a machine used in road construction projects to compact asphalt. It is used after the pavers and screeds have done their jobs, and it flattens and smooths the asphalt into its finished form.
Are there different types of concrete pavers?

Concrete pavers are used for roadwork that requires concrete rather than asphalt. They come in different types, such as this :

  • Form-riding paving - Form-riding pavers ride on metal forms and are good choices in paving projects where concrete depths make slipforming difficult. The concrete mix design is not as crucial because of the use of forms.
  • Curb-and-gutter - These pavers use shaped molds to place concrete into forms that are not flat, such as curbs and concrete dividers and barriers.
  • Slipform - A slipform lays a paved surface without using forms.
Brands of pavers

There are many companies that manufacture new and used asphalt and concrete pavers. Some of the more well-known manufacturers of heavy equipment, such as pavers, are these companies: Barber-Greene, BOMAG, Gehl, GOMACO, Le Galion, Mauldin, Peterbilt, Samsung, Volvo, and Wacker Neuson.