What Are Some Common Painting Artistic Services?

One artistic service is custom portrait painting from a photo. The buyer simply sends or scans in an image, and the artist creates a digital or hand-painted portrait by using the photo as a guide. Cartoon caricatures are also common, wherein the artist draws an exaggerated cartoon image of the person in the photograph to highlight notable features or personal interests. For example, if the individual loves marine animals, the artist might depict them swimming in the ocean with dolphins or scuba-diving with seals. A whimsical Chibi character drawing is another option. The subject of the photo is transformed into an anime character, complete with large eyes and colorful accessories.

What Is Professional Photo Retouching?

Professional photo retouching is a process by which older or damaged photos are restored to their former glory, provided the image is still in fair condition. For example, if an old treasured photograph shows signs of aging, such as yellowing and frayed edges, a new photo can be produced to capture the moment for years to come. A digital copy may also be available, making it possible to print additional copies. Retouching is ideal for photos that need to be slightly altered as well, such as covering up blemishes in a portrait or removing red eye. Objects and background images can also be erased or added to the picture. Photo retouching typically involves special photo editing software that features a wide range of tools, such as color enhancers and virtual airbrushes.