Get Crafty with Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers provide you with the ability to show off your artistic side by creating decorative pieces or bringing character to household decor that you are showing off. You will find new and second-hand artificial flowers in many colors, sizes, and floral designs available on eBay at affordable prices.

What groupings of artificial flowers are available?

Artificial flowers come in a wide range of colors and styles. When looking for these products, you will find that they are available in grouping options including the following:

  • Single stem: A single stem consists of the flower, leaves, and stem. You can use these types of groupings for all types of decorative pieces or alone in a vase.
  • Branches: Branches are usually longer floral groupings that can be used in floor arrangements or tall centrepieces you are creating. You can use them alone or with other artificial flowers for a fuller look.
  • Bunches: Usually created by gathering single stems together and binding them at the bottom, these types of floral groupings work well in vases or floral arrangements. You will also find them useful when creating bouquets.
  • Floral picks: Often smaller in size, these flowers are often grouped together with leaves and other detailing. Versatile in their design, floral picks can be used in arrangements, wreaths, corsages, and bouquets.
  • Garland: This is a strand of flowers and leaves often strung together. Available in different lengths, the garland can be draped over doorways, tables, or cabinet tops or wound around objects such as banisters and poles.
What benefits do artificial flowers offer?

There is a wide range of benefits when using imitation flowers, including the following:

  • Hold up regardless of sunlight, soil, or watering conditions
  • Readily available regardless of the season or climate
  • Don't wilt due to the atmosphere or environment in which they are placed
  • Long-lasting appeal
  • Non-allergenic
What materials are artificial flowers made of?

Most artificial flowers that are available on eBay are made of fabric materials that provide a realistic look and/or feel. These materials commonly include silk, rayon, and cotton. You will also find artificial flowers made from advanced materials including polyester blends.

What should you look for when purchasing artificial flowers?

To ensure you are getting the quality and results you are seeking for silk flowers, there are certain factors you should keep in mind when making your purchase. These factors include:

  • Wire core: This allows you to use the flowers in arrangements or position them a specific way for display purposes.
  • color selection: Experiment with color combinations to create more vivid displays. Combining different colors helps add variety and visual interest to a display.
  • Size of grouping: Select groupings that will work with your purpose. Choose stems and bunches for larger arrangements. Picks are suitable for wreaths and detailing.
  • Variety: With so many different options of imitation flowers available on eBay, you can compare the purchase size of the products available to help you make a better choice.