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Create an Art Deco Vibe in Your Home With Period Antiques

With so many unique Art Deco items, it is easy to decorate an entire home with pieces from this era — including furniture, technology, art, and much more — by shopping on eBay. Art Deco, which originated during the 1920s and continued throughout the 1930s, saw lots of innovative ideas and beautiful artwork. Therefore, it is easy to find Art Deco objects for sale that you will love having in your home.

What are some collectables from this period?

There are many different vintage Art Deco for sale items on eBay that you may want to use to start a collection, including:

  • Art - Art from this period incorporates smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined forms, and bright colors. Silver, crystal, ivory, jade, and lacquer were often used to create very functional items. Important artists working during this time include Cassandre, Rene Buthaud, and Jean Gabriel Domergue.
  • Furniture - Well-maintained Art Deco pieces are still used in many homes. Macassar ebony was often chosen to create pieces of furniture. Craftspeople decorated many pieces with veneers or lacquer. They also often built aluminium and chrome chairs and dining sets. Many pieces were covered in leather shagreen or exotic furs.
  • jewelry - Platinum and white gold were often used to create Art Deco jewelry. Old-style techniques were used to cut European diamonds, and many pieces were created by cutting stones and fitting them tightly together to form necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
  • Advertising - If you are looking for some interesting pieces to decorate your walls, consider Art Deco advertising. From circus posters to Coca-Cola trays, people saw Art Deco advertising everywhere.
  • Radios - Emerson, Philco, Zenith, Fada, and General Electric all manufactured radios during this period, with many pieces showing geometric designs. You can still find many functioning radios created in the Art Deco style.
Are there any Art Deco glassware antiques for sale?

Yes, there are many examples of Art Deco glassware. Companies often made press glass pieces. Molten glass was pressed into moulds and allowed to set to create press glass pieces. A similar technique was used to create elegant glass. Once the pieces came out of the mould, then a special wax was applied before the glass was dipped into an etching solution to create these pieces. Depression glass was seen in many different colors during this period.

What are some ideas for using Art Deco lamps?

There are many ways that you can use Art Deco lighting in your home. You may want to consider using Art Deco lamps, like the ones that show nude female figurines standing or reclining beside illuminated globes. Find lamps made by artists like A.R. Gerdago or Ronson Art Metal Works of New York. Other lamps, like those designed by Norman Bel Geddes, feature animals.

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