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What to Know Before Selecting an Aromatherapy PAX Vaporizer

Aromatherapy vaporizers give the satisfaction of nicotine or other herbs without the extra chemicals of cigarettes. They are portable and run off batteries that can be charged anywhere. Depending on the vaporizer, these PAX products come with different settings and features to allow people to enjoy using the vaporizers at their leisure and preference.

Can the PAX 3 portable vaporizer hold concentrate substances?

Some PAX models are only dry herb holders. The PAX 3 makes it possible for the vaporizer to hold concentrated substances, such as waxy extracts. The ability to use concentrates makes it easier to carry the unit around as well as to expand the variety of products that you can use with the vaporizer. The PAX 3 also has several temperature settings that are designed to make it easier to heat up the concentrates versus using the traditional dry herbs.

How many temperature levels does the PAX 3 have?

This model has 4 temperature settings, and each one can be used for different levels of resistance. These options make it easier to deal with herbs and concentrates at the same time. Notice the following temperatures:

  • Temperature 1: 360 Fahrenheit with 16 seconds preheat time (1 Green LEDs)
  • Temperature 2: 380 Fahrenheit with 16 seconds preheat time (2 Yellow LEDs)
  • Temperature 3: 400 Fahrenheit with 17 seconds preheat time (3 Orange LEDs)
  • Temperature 4: 420 Fahrenheit with 18 seconds preheat time (4 Red LEDs)
How long is the battery life of the PAX 3?

Once charged, the PAX 3 can last for over five hours of use. It takes two hours to fully charge the battery of this vaporizer. There are four LED petals on the device to show how much charge is left. When all four are lit up, the device is fully charged. The first LED petal will go off when it is at 80%., and the others will follow slowly afterward.

What are some specialty appearance options with a PAX vaporizer?
  • Color: Choose from a variety of colors including blue, black, green, silver, and gold.
  • Screen: Some will come with multiple screens.
  • Cover: The PAX 1 can be matched with silicon covers in colors such as blue or pink.
  • Case: Odor-proof cases come with some PAX vaporizers.
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