Steady Your Work Projects Using Armstrong Clamps

Armstrong clamps can be great tools when you need to keep things steady in your workshop while using your hands for other tasks. Youll find a nice selection of new and used Armstrong clamps available for purchase on eBay. Familiarizing yourself with the kinds of clamps available and how they work will help you find just the right tools for the job.

Choosing Armstrong clamps for your needs

Most Armstrong clamps you will find on eBay are made from forged stainless-steel parts for extra durability. There are two main ways to choose the clamp that is right for you:

  • Opening diameter - Checking the openings on various clamps is one of the ways you can find the products you need. These openings will determine the maximum width of objects the clamp can hold in place for you. In most cases, clamp sizes are measured in inches. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Weight rating - The maximum weight rating is another great way you might find the Armstrong clamps you want. Most clamps have an estimated rating of the heaviest loads they can hold safely. Armstrongs FC-Clamp is rated for over 6,000 pounds.
What are the mechanisms for locking Armstrong clamps?

Most Armstrong clamps have similar functions when it comes to closing or holding objects in place securely. The main parts of the clamp are:

  • Handle - The handle attaches to the sliding screw of the clamp. Many handles can slide for your convenience, allowing you to grip them in various positions and tighten the screw.
  • Screw - The ribbed screw tightens against the anvil pad to lock objects in place as needed. Many screws have Acme threads for improved strength.
  • Anvil - The anvil is the main part of the clamp and provides support when you need to lock pieces in place. The wall of the hub helps the screw remain aligned.
When to buy preowned Armstrong clamps

Youll find both brand-new and slightly used Armstrong clamps in various sizes on eBay. If youre looking to expand your assortment of clamps and purchase several sizes, you may wish to look for preowned versions. Some used clamps have normal signs of wear, but they can still hold any object in place whenever you need some support. Note that looking at eBays used clamps can also be a great way to collect older models for your workshop. Vintage 78 and 403 drop forged clamps are just a couple of the collectible models you may discover.

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