Catch the Next Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Baseball in Arizona can be pleasant when you purchase tickets for the Diamondbacks on eBay. Chase Field, the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium, is air-conditioned to give game goers a comfortable alternative to the sweltering heat of the desert.

What Arizona Diamondbacks seating tickets can you buy?

You can buy tickets to both home and away games on eBay. There is an easy-to-use search option that allows you to look for your tickets by seat, location, venue, team, and price. If you would like to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play a specific team, you can search for tickets to that as well. You can also purchase tickets to spring training and post-season games. You can find almost any seating locations you want. After purchase, your tickets will either be shipped to your home or emailed to you.

Getting to know Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks have played at Chase Field since their inception as an expansion team in 1998. Chase Field is unique in that it has a retractable roof and a natural grass playing field. Since spring and summer temperatures can easily reach over 100 degrees in Arizona, the fans needed a stadium that was enclosed and could be air-conditioned. This ballpark has a few other fun perks that make attending games here extra exciting, including:

  • A swimming pool that can be rented for private parties
  • A TGI Fridays restaurant that rents out tables so you can eat and watch the game
  • A children's area with Wiffle Ball practice and batting cages
  • A fireworks show after every Friday night game
  • A "keyhole" strip of dirt between home plate and the pitcher's mound
What is an expansion team?

An expansion team is a new team in a city that may not have had a team in a certain sports league before. They are typically made to satisfy the want of a sports team in a certain locale. The name comes from the simple fact that the sport is expanding into a new area. Expansion teams are usually made up of free agents, older players nearing retirement, and players with less experience. An expansion draft was held for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on November 18, 1997, during which each team selected 35 players. Since it is the first time the team has played together, most MLB expansion teams tend to do poorly in their first few seasons. It is important to note that expansion teams are not the same as relocated or renamed teams.

The Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series

The Diamondbacks won the World Series against the New York Yankees in 2001. This ended the Yankees three-year, World Series winning streak. The Diamondbacks, only in their fourth season, won all four of their home games. They were the first baseball team to do so. This win made them the fastest expansion team to ever win a World Series. In fact, the Diamondbacks are the only major league team in the state of Arizona to win a championship.

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