Architectural and Garden Antiques

The extra embellishments you add to your home or garden space are the first one notices. Antiques are at least 100 years old, such as antique stained glass windows you can hang in front of a window or insert into a customized space. Replacing existing door knobs, handles, and drawer pulls with antique hardware is another way to bring back the charm of days gone by. When you step into your outside space, place well-chosen garden antiques such as an old water pump or cast iron statue alongside your patio furniture. These old-fashioned decorations available through sellers on eBay give new life to your space. Integrate them as-is or indulge in your creative side and spend a little time restoring them to their former glory.

What Indoor Architectural Antiques Can I Choose?

Add architectural interest inside your home by adding these accent pieces that also have a purpose:

  • Fireplaces and Mantels: Nothing adds a touch of yesterday and architectural appeal like an old fireplace mantel. These antique pieces made from cast iron and wood usually have ornate embellishments on their surfaces.
  • Doors: These antiques are handcrafted pieces of art that may also include the original frame salvaged from demolished older homes. The original door knob and hinges may still be intact, so each door is an antique from top to bottom.
  • Chandeliers and Sconces: A stylish accessory like a chandelier or sconce using metal, glass, and other materials may date from the early 20th century or even earlier. Many include original hanging crystals and are appropriate to display in a dining or living room, even a bathroom if it's spacious enough.
  • Corbels: Wooden corbels have a stately appearance you can use as brackets to support a shelf or create a mantel for a fireplace. Use them as accent pieces under your upper kitchen counters or purchase a set to use as bookends.

What Outdoor Garden Antiques Are Available?

When anyone steps onto your property, they'll see your attention to detail when using these items:

  • Weathervanes: A running horse or a sailboat weathervane placed on top of your house or outbuilding adds a touch of class and whimsy. Plus, you'll always know which way the wind blows.
  • Plant Holders: A plant stand such as a Victorian, 3-tier, 1890s iron holder stores your potted plants in one place. The holder looks pretty inside or outside under a covered patio and doesn't topple over easily. Cast metal plant holders may have garland swags and roses molded into the design.
  • Decorative Items: Leave the original patina on antique garden fences with curved and arch tops, or paint them. Likewise, you can make a walkway using antique reclaimed brick pavers or stack them along a wall to add interest to your outdoor living space.