Archery Bows

Archery bows come in a variety of sizes and types, ranging from high-tech compound bows to classic traditional bows such as the recurve. To take your game to the next level, try using some of the many different modifications available. On the other hand, if you like sticking to the traditional ways of archery, try a classic bow.

What are the different kinds of bows?

Archery bows come in 4 main types, each with their own unique design. 2 designs are what many people refer to as traditional bows, the longbow and the recurve bow. The other 2 designs, compound bows and crossbows, each have special characteristics that change the way that they are used. Regardless of the type of bow used, it is important to understand its individual characteristics to maximize your chances of success.

  • Longbow: One of the oldest types of bows, this design uses a single bent piece of wood with a string connected to each end that can be pulled back to load an arrow to be fired.
  • Recurve bow: This bow is similar in design to the longbow but includes a single small variation on the standard design. The bow curves back away from you at the tips of the bow limbs. While this may seem like a minor change, when the bow is pulled back, the tips of the bow begin to straighten out. When they are released, the arrow is fired with increased speed and power. This is the most common design of bow used in archery competitions, all the way up to the Olympics.
  • Crossbow: Unlike other designs, the drawstring of a crossbow is pulled back and then held in place by a special locking system. This enables you to have both hands free to hold the frame, increasing stability while aiming. With a design resembling that of a firearm, the crossbow has a trigger mechanism that releases the string after being pulled.
  • Compound bows: Using a complex system of strings and pulleys, this bow has a specialized frame and design that is engineered to reduce strain on your arms while holding the bow, helping to increase stability and ease of taking aim.
What size recurve bow do you need for archery?

The size of recurve that you need for archery is largely dependent on how far you can draw the bow back. The further back you can draw, the larger the size of the bow that you will need to use. Getting a rough idea of your draw length is easy. Simply take an arrow and set the nock against your chest. Extend your arms in front of you and reach as far along the arrow as you can. Mark where your middle fingers reach and then add an additional 2 inches to be safe. If you are not sure what your draw length is or do not feel comfortable taking the measurements yourself, then ask a professional to do it for you.

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