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Are There Full-Size Jukeboxes that Incorporate Modern Technology?

Yes. The Crosley Bluetooth iJuke looks like a classic vintage jukebox on the outside, but its internal features include the ability to read MP3 and WAV files off a CD-R, and it is Bluetooth-enabled for wireless connections. There is a range of modern, Internet-connected jukeboxes of various appearances and styles that are touchscreen-operated and connect to constantly updated online libraries of music.

Do You Have to Insert Coins into an Arcade Game Even When It's Installed in a Home?

No. Many games provide the option of a "free play" mode within the machine's menu settings. For games that do not offer this setting, owners can access the internal coin mechanism and manually hit the switch that signals the game to add a playing credit. Alternatively, some game owners wire an additional button that automatically hits that switch without the need to open the coin mechanism door.

What Is the Most Popular Pinball Machine of All Time?

There is no single reigning champion because pinball fans have eclectic tastes for both classic and modern machines. Fan favorites regularly include Medieval Madness, Cirqus Voltaire, the Twilight Zone, and others. The best-selling pinball machine of all time is the Midway/Bally Addams Family machine, although that does not necessarily make it the most highly regarded by pinball aficionados.