Aquarium Water Pumps

There are many uses for filtration devices, including keeping your aquatic organisms healthy and the water filtered. They aid in keeping the entire system healthy. There are many varieties, brands, power levels, and types that you can choose from to ensure the correct fit for you and your fish.

What is the purpose of an aquarium water pump?

Aquarium pumps and powerheads are used to ensure that the water quality and flow stays consistent. It is important to use a water pump with the correct power level to aid in the flow of water so that it does not become stagnant and dangerous to your aquatic organisms. The pump creates more air so that the organisms can breathe easier in the water, and so plants have enough carbon dioxide to survive. Pumps also aid in keeping your habitat cleaner, so that you do not have to maintain it as frequently.

How do you select water pumps and powerheads for aquariums?

Selecting the correct pump and powerhead is important to ensure that your organisms are healthy. The right pump depends on the size of the tank, whether the aquarium is freshwater or saltwater, and exactly where you would like the pump to be in the tank (above the tank or completely submerged).

  • Step 1: Know the size of your aquarium and select a pump based on the amount of gallons it can hold. The pump needs to have the right powerhead to be able to process all the water and create the right flow.
  • Step 2: Select the type of filter you want. The type of filter and system will determine the type of pump. This depends on if you have freshwater or saltwater and what purpose you hope the pump will fulfill.
  • Step 3: Determine where you want your water pump to be located. Would you like it to be in the tank completely or out of the water a little bit?
Are aquarium pumps necessary for healthy fish?

Aquarium pumps are essential to have healthy fish. No matter the size of your aquarium, a water pump with the correct power level is necessary. Water pumps and powerheads contribute to the health of your aquarium by providing more oxygen for the fish to breathe and more carbon dioxide for the plants to breathe. It also contributes to a healthier pH and more continuous equilibrium for your organisms.

Filtration devices always need to be on in order to ensure the health of your aquatic organisms. Water needs to be constantly moving and filtered in order to create a healthy atmosphere for your aquarium.