Aquarium Decorations Brighten a Plain Fish Tank

Inexpensive fish aquarium decor displays your creativity and passion for your collection of fish. By purchasing fish tank items for sale on eBay, aquarium toys delight your fish and you, too, as your colorful collection lives its life before your eyes. A plastic recreation of an elegant masimo moss ball adds a bright green touch as well as a springboard for conversation, but your aquarium decor may be as plain or as simple as you wish.

Aquarium decorations in a nutshell

The classic ceramic castle provides shelter and rest for fish that need a break from daily life in a school. One way to pamper your fish is to select fish tank decorations catered to your population of finny friends. Most aquariums contain a gravel bottom, and at the top of the water column floats a plant or two, which may be living, foam, or plastic. Other fish tank decoration schemes include a decorative top to protect any jumpers, a whimsical cover for the pump's filter, and a piece of driftwood to suggest natural surroundings.

What sort of aquarium decoration suits a particular fish species?

If your timid cichlid needs shelter to flourish, then you'll want to consider a cave formed from clay, plasticine, or ceramic. Your gregarious species such as tetras or danios need a place for occasional breaks from encounters with larger kinds of fish, so a floating natural or artificial flower fills the bill. A cleaner fish such as a pleco will be happy with gravel to suction, and different colors of gravel blended to make a floor will make its actions more visible.

Can different materials blend in decorating a tank for fish?

The plastic waving mermaid may meld nicely with your ceramic castle when you consider the proportions correctly. A giant mermaid needs proper spacing in the tank to suggest perspective, so size does matter if you place the mermaid at the farthest point from the smaller castle. Themes help bring a decoration scheme together, and a crashed spaceship keeps company with a glowing little green man for outer space whimsy.

What sort of aquarium toys provide interest to an aquarium?

Movement invites the fish to investigate, so a pirate's treasure chest that opens and closes provides stimulation to their environment and fun for you. After a while, fish dart in and out of the chest for their own amusement and yours.