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Keep the Jams Going on Portable MP3 Players

One of the biggest improvements in portable music players is the ability to save them on smaller digital media formats. This allowed for the complete elimination of the physical media storage device like optical discs and cassette tapes in favor of modern methods for storing music. This eventually gave rise to smaller and smaller devices that had screens on them but were of a comfortably pocketable size.

What Is the iPod Nano?

  • Manufacturer: Manufactured by Apple, the iPod Nano model had many fans between the years 2006 and 2015. The series was notable for its extremely pocketable and portable design while still taking design cues from the original iPod. These were available in 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB storage capacity variants across different generations.
  • Generations: The iPod Nano had 7 generations in total, the first one having been released in 2006. The 7th and last generation model was released in 2015 and had a 16 GB only options. All these iPods have screens built-in that could help in navigating the menus and the selection of songs. The screens were also capable of video playback.
  • Touch Control: Only the 6th and 7th Gen iPod Nanos had ditched the touchpad controls of the older ones like the 3rd Generation Nano. The 6th had a watch-type design with a square display, while the 7th Gen music player had a more iPod Touch look to it but with a smaller footprint.

What Accessories Go Well With an iPod Nano 3rd Gen?

  • Headphones: These 3rd Generation iPods could only connect via wired audio connections. This restriction nevertheless opens up the 3rd Generation iPod Nano to a slew of different 3.5 mm headphones. Get large pair over-ear headphones for those private listening sessions cuddled up with your favorite person or pet. Or you can keep it mobile with in-ear-monitors that fit snug and drown out all the noise with comprehensive noise canceling.
  • Cases and Skins: The 3rd Generation Apple iPod Nano model has a sizeable number of choices when it comes to embellishment and cases. You can cover the entire device with a skin with a carbon fiber texture so that it stays protected but still impressively stylish. A silicone case could shield it from impacts and shocks but adds a little bulk.
  • Lanyards: Purchasing cases that allow for lanyards to hook up to the iPod is ideal, considering that the device is so thin. Acrylic cases are solid enough for this, while some silicone cases offer a hole through which to loop your lanyard.
  • USB Cables: You cannot charge the 3rd Generation iPod Nano without the original USB cable. While there are plenty of third-party cables available, sticking with OEM is likely the ideal route to prevent damaging the internals of the device.

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