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Buying Guide for Apple iPhone X Sprint Cell Phones and Smartphones

Apple first released the iPhone in 2007. Since then, the company has made multiple new versions of the smartphone, leading up to the feature-laden iPhone X's release in 2017. eBay has a variety of different Sprint iPhone X cell phones with numerous features and options.

New features of the iPhone X

Apple designed the affordable iPhone X with new features to improve and change both in its look and its usability. You will see a stark difference in how it feels and how you interact with it compared to your past smartphones from the company. The following are some of the changes you will see in an iPhone X cell phone.

  • Screen size - The edge-to-edge design of the screen gives this version of the iPhone the largest in its history. The iPhone X saw the removal of the home button, only adding to the amount of space available for the screen.
  • True Tone - This technology allows the phone to adjust the brashness of the color of the screen depending on the amount of light around it. This feature was previously only found in iPads.
  • HDR - Watch movies in Dolby Vision using the iPhone's HDR technology.
  • Fast Charge - Go from zero to 50% on the battery in just half an hour using a USB-C power adapter.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 - Bluetooth 5.0 is an upgrade over past versions and gives you more wireless range than ever before.
What colors are available in the iPhone X?

Apple has always had its exterior design in mind when developing new iPhones for consumers. The company makes the iPhone X casing in a variety of colors, including the following. Each casing is the same size regardless of color.

  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
What is the casing of the Apple iPhone X made of?

The iPhone X's exterior design also saw some upgrades when it comes to the casing materials themselves. It is the first iPhone to be made entirely out of proprietary stainless steel alloy, designed for maximum protection of the insides of the device. On top of that, this iPhone is the first to be completely encased in glass instead of just the screen.

What storage options are available?

When purchasing Apple iPhone X Sprint cell phones and smartphones, you will see that there are multiple options for built-in storage, measured in gigabytes. The more GB a phone has, the more media and data files can be stored. Apple cell phone hard drives come in these sizes.

  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB
  • 256 GB
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