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Protect Your Apple iPhone 5c With a Case, Cover, or Skin

When you want to take a video on your iPhone 5c to show your friends or family, you can do so with more confidence if you have some sort of material surrounding it. Apple iPhone 5c cases, covers, and skins provide you with additional protection. Because they come in a variety of styles, they can help you express your personal style, too.

What types of things do covers protect against?

Having a protective barrier on your smartphone can potentially prevent it from being damaged by:

  • Drops: Depending on what angle things land, you could end up with a cracked screen or broken exterior. Sometimes, this can affect the way your smartphone works. When something is wrapped around your iPhone, that material can absorb some of the impact.
  • Water: If you're frequently around water, you can consider getting a waterproof case. This helps prevent moisture from getting in and affecting the interior components. Waterproof products are typically described by how deep they can go while offering complete protection.
  • Dust and dirt: While there are only a few places where dust and dirt can get to on your smartphone, you can think about protecting those vulnerable spots. This can come in handy if you're frequently in a construction zone, on hikes, or playing sports. Some products have flaps that go over the speaker, charging, and headphone ports to keep unwanted things from getting in.
  • Scratches: If you commonly put your phone face down or are constantly sliding it in and pulling it out of your pocket or bag, there is a chance that it could get scratched. A protective case or skin with a slightly raised edge could make scratches less likely to happen, increasing the distance between other objects and the screen.
What are some design options?

Many products share similar characteristics, so it really comes down to personal preference. Options include:

  • Skins: Skins are very thin, offering your phone a slim profile.
  • Cases: These vary between thin items and more rugged, bulkier ones. Some have multiple components that snap together and others are just one piece.
  • Covers: With one of these, you can close a flap to protect your phone screen. With some models, the phone will automatically go to sleep if you shut the front flap.
What materials are used in these products?

Just like the styles vary between different models, so does the material used. You could find cases and covers made with:

  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Rubber
  • Polycarbonate
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