Got One to Sell?

Got One to Sell?

Picking the Best 6th Generation 9.7-inch Apple iPad 

Apple iPads come with many features to increase their utility for users, and the 6th Generation includes many of the most popular capabilities: front and rear built-in cameras, backlights, and Bluetooth compatibility. The 9.7-inch 6th Gen Apple iPad is the perfect size for purses or satchels, or to use while traveling.

The 6th Generation iPad has many utility-adding features which Apple users have come to expect from the company's products. The body case features nano-SIM trays, lightning connectors, build-in back-facing stereo speakers, a traditional headphone jack, and on/off/sleep buttons. The 2048 by 1536 pixel display features a 264 PPI display, and front and rear facing cameras with a mediated camera bump; and also boasts a few notable improvements which should greatly enhance the user experience. For example, the 9.7-inch iPad comes with software to support the Apple Pencil, and comes with body-sensing cameras on top of already-existing face-sensing technology, touch ID capabilities, three-axis gyro sensors, an accelerometer, barometer, and ambient light sensor. 

What Are the Technical Specifications of the 6th Generation 9.7 Inch iPad?

Here's what 6th Generation iPad buyers can look forward to using:
● Apple Pencil compatibility is one of the key features offered in the 6th Generation iPad, which allow the iPad touch surface to function alongside a separately purchased Apple Pencil. This allows users to easily draw, sketch, and take notes on-the-go.
● The inclusion of the Apple A10 chip means that 6th Gen iPads can compute functions, run information-intensive apps, and finish complex processes all at high speeds. The chip runs at a 64-bit architecture, features 4 cores, and contains over 3 billion transistors.
● The form specs of the 6th Gen iPad include a height of 9.4 inches, width of 6.6 inches, depth of 0.29 inches, and weight of 1.05 lbs. 

Which Finishes does the 6th Generation 9.7 Inch Apple iPod Come in?

The finish comes in three different varieties:
● Brushed metal silver
● Brushed metal rose gold
● Space grey 

Which Storage Capacity Should I Select for my iPad?

The 9.7-inch 6th Gen Apple iPad comes in two different storage capacities, which affect its final price:
● 128 GB iPads are for those who tend to do more resource-intensive computing, and make many downloads, or intend to use augmented reality experiences to the fullest effect.
● 32 GB should be perfect for those wanting only to do light computing, and not take too many images or videos.   

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