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About Apple iPad (4th Generation)
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Apple iPad 4 Tablet / eReader
Apple iPad 4
9.7 inches
Screen Resolution
Operating System
iOS 6, upgradeable to 10.3
Camera (Rear/Front)
5/1.2 MP
9.5 x 7.31 x 0.37 inches
23.35 oz
16/32/64/128 GB, 1 GB RAM
Dual-core 1.4 GHz
Network Connectivity
Wi-Fi only/LTE
Battery Capacity
Up to 10 hours (11560 mAh)

Ratings & Reviews

Average Ratings of all

Average Ratings of all 4.7
2928 average ratings

93% Long battery life

96% Good value

97% Good quality screen

Entertain Yourself While Traveling With an Apple iPad

Apple has been producing hardware, software, and consumer electronics for decades. The 4th generation of their iPad tablet provides you with a host of entertainment options. Because each generation of the iPad may run differently or have new features, you may wish to familiarize yourself with some of the technical specifications of 4th generation tablets.

What operating system does the 4th generation iPad use?

The fourth iteration of the iPad was initially released with the iOS 6.0 operating system. However, the company provided numerically based upgrades to the operating system as necessary. This generation of devices support multimedia formats and applications, such as electronic books, television and film media, gaming apps, music, presentations, web-based content, and magazines. Because the operating system supports such a wide array of applications, you may be able to use a single device to meet your entertainment needs. It can also come in handy for researching content on the internet for a business presentation. You could then use the iPad to help you put together and display that presentation. The operating systems you may find on this version of the mobile device include:

  • iOS 7
  • iOS 8
  • iOS 9
  • iOS 10

Can you choose an iPad's storage capacity?

You may want a device with relatively little storage space that's mainly for keeping texts and documents with you. Or maybe you'd like one with a larger storage capacity for photos and videos. If storage space is a key feature for you, you can choose a unit based on how much data you can store on it. Storage capacities are usually listed in gigabytes. Some common storage capacities for these products include:

  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB

What connectivity types are available?

  • Wi-Fi: A mobile device with a standard Wi-Fi connection will allow you to connect to Wi-Fi networks that are in range of the unit.
  • 3G: The addition of a 3G connection still gives you access to Wi-Fi networks, but it also allows you to use the 3G data network when you are not within the range of any Wi-Fi signals.

How do you choose a 4th generation iPad?

There are many ways you could choose the pad that works for you. However, you may find the following guidelines helpful when you're looking for a new device:

  • Select a color: You can choose from colors such as black, white, silver, or gold.
  • Choose some features: Knowing some of the features that are most important to you may help you narrow your search.
  • Select a screen size: Choose the screen size that lets you work and enjoy your entertainment options.

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