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Why Should I Get an iPad 2?

It seems like every year Apple releases a new product, including the iPad. But is it really necessary to get a brand new device? Can you get the same experience with an Apple iPad 2?

What are the iPad 2 Specs?

What are the iPad 2 specs, and how do they hold up to other tablet products? 

  • 1 GHz processor
  • The iPad 2 comes with 16 GB or 32 GB of internal digital storage. There is the backup iCloud memory storage. 
  • 768 x 1024 pixel resolution 
  • 512 MB RAM (512 MB memory)
  • The Rear Camera and Front Camera have a 0.7-megapixel resolution. This is great for FaceTime or taking photos with your iPad. 
  • The display is 9.7 inches
  • The operating system is iOS 4. This is probably the biggest drawback, but the iPad 2 can be updated with newer operating systems. 

Does This Device Work with WiFi or a SIM Card?

One of the great things about these tablets is that they work with SIM cards, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

  • These models have a nano-SIM tray. This will work with any SIM card carrier that supports Apple SIM cards. 
  • You'll have to talk to your cell phone carrier about adding your Apple iPad to your cell phone data plan. This will help you use the iPad where every you get decent cell service.
  • However, you can get the iPad 2 tablet without SIM card service. It will still work with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 
  • Trying to save on battery life and cell phone bill service? Turn off your SIM card service and turn on Wi-Fi whenever possible. 

What Can I Do With This Device?

Even if the iPad 2 isn't the newest one on the market, it's still a viable tablet.

  • Your internal storage depends on whether you purchase the 16 GB or 32 GB iPad. 
  • The screen size and resolution makes it a great option for reading as an eBook tablet. 
  • There are multiple apps you can use to read books, newspapers and other good content. 
  • The screen size is also perfect for reading comics on your iPad. 
  • Because it's not the newest model, it would be a good option for your children. Use the iPad to introduce your kids to educational apps or kids shows. 
  • Many household devices like the Roku use smart devices as controllers. The iPad 2 would be a great controller for your devices. 

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